Raptured from responsibility

Today’s church wants to be raptured from responsibility, distracted from its true condition and pacified from purifying the sinful deeds of the flesh.

False doctrine, false teachers and "5 points & a poem" type, lukewarm false teaching, blatantly teach the modern believer how NOT to bear your cross.

Refusing to bear your cross: AKA: Your Best Life Now.

Ungodliness and evil are now fully accepted as "orthodox" in the "tv preacher" type churches strewn about in the west. NOT enduring sound doctrine is something most wear as a badge of honor and will fight tooth and nail over. What is good and clearly of God, is now called evil, legalistic and works based.

Yes, this modern church wants to be raptured from responsibility. Why? Because babies (at best) are pastoring these churches...and babies can't handle responsibility. Which is why their sermons are nothing more than pacifiers and teething rings for their congregants to suck on until the next meeting. (instead of meat to chew on). Like a new born baby, the modern church can't handle meat. It only accepts and distributes milk while declaring all who possess and distribute the meat... "heretics".

The modern church is the new milk-man.

The modern church has been reduced to a diaper changing station (and it's a stench to the nostrils of God).

Church has been reduced to a play pen-nursery with rattles, and musical-spinning crib mobiles to deflect, entertain and distract from the true condition its being pacified and "rock a bye babied" from. And week after week these baby congregants, return to the feet of their baby-pastor, to receive their desensitizing dose of baby orajel. This church is inoculated with the desensitization of the ages!

We have 30, 40, 50 and 60 yr old babies sitting in our pews.


Because we have 30, 40, 50 and 60 yr old babies standing in our pulpits.

And soon we will have 30, 40, 50 and 60 yr old babies standing before the Judgment Seat of Christ.

People REFUSE sound doctrine in these last days of apostasy for sure. But there is a remnant....I SAID THERE IS A REMNANT that hungers and thirsts for righteousness and seeks Him with all their heart, soul and strength!

If the whole church falls into apostasy (and according to scripture most of it will), we will still follow those paths of old...those paths of glory...the blessed narrow way.

Stand firm: The next great revival is completely up to you. But know this: the next great revival might consist of thousands of us being so filled with the Spirit...that we're martyred by the world-church. How badly do you want revival?

How much of Christ do you want today? Whatever amount that is, is the exact amount you will get.

Live Christ...literally. I dare you.

Draw a contrast between the true and the false just by how you live.


Make the false stand out by staunchly adhering to what is true.

Spontaneously expose evil by being graphically discipled unto Christ.

Organically expose the counterfeit for what it is, by being so ridiculously genuine and so unbelievably authentic...that you become a target for Book of Acts stylized persecution (this will happen automatically to any genuine believer). 2 Timothy 3:12

Let the genuineness of the reality of your Christianity become so unmistakably bona fide, veritable, legitimate and validly credible, that you instantly bring an unbearable amount of heavy conviction upon those who are involved in a falsified fake, invalid, corrupt and counterfeited version of Christianity.

And you're doing yourself no harm by becoming this committed------it's what's required to be ready for His return anyhow...so who could it hurt?

Make your life a definition of the authentic. Become meticulously discipled unto Christ.

Make your life an explicit demonstration before God, man and devils, what it looks like, to be unimpeachably devoted to Christ.

Become as explicit for Christ as you once were for the world. And rest assured, when you do this, the world (and church) will explicitly turn on you.

Get used to explicit content...for we are now, more than likely, hours, days and months from standing before the Judgment Seat of Christ. And THAT day will be categorically explicit.

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