The Word of Faith Movement, Catholicism and The Last Days.

The proof of God's blessing isn't's having every cell in the fabric of your soul saturated & infused with the Holy Spirit.

And those who are infused with a Holy Spirit...will naturally (supernaturally) live a Holy life.

Holiness is the result of being infused with the righteousness of Christ. It is the outer smoke to the inner flame of Christ's indwelling.

Those who proudly lack holiness expose themselves for lacking the righteousness that can ONLY come through Christ.

Those who adamantly live their lives, in such a manner, so as to disassociate themselves from Holiness...inadvertently expose their inner condition of lacking the HOLY Spirit altogether.

One who has the HOLY Spirit will humbly live in Holiness as a genuine member of Christ's Church.

One who has an UNHOLY Spirit will proudly live in Unholiness as a member of Satan's Counterfeit Church.

So it comes as no surprise, that it's the latter group who are so hell-bent on insisting, that the sign of God's blessing is greed...yes, I said greed. For greed is the heart-condition that causes one to be taken captive by the love of money...the root of all evil. Greed is something Colossians 3:5 calls "idolatry". Greed in the name of "god" is a symptom that you've given yourself to the disease of idolatry.

With this groups insistence upon God's blessing being "money in hand"...ironically, most of them spend the majority of their time with an empty greed-fueled hand held out...while using the other hand to make the false teachers who've taught them this false doctrine, the only ones who EVER get rich.

It also comes as no surprise that it's this group who is constantly entangled in sex scandals and various forms of corruption from within their "ministries".

The irony is so thick within the Word of Faith movement, that you'll choke on it if you try and swallow it. Which is why we have countless millions of adherents to this doctrine of devils choking themselves out and spiritually suffocating as they follow Kenneth Copeland and Pope Francis back to Rome.

Yes, holiness is the ONLY sign of God's blessing whether you have much or have little.

Holiness is the tangible evidence of God's presence in and among our lives.

None, NOT A SINGLE ONE of these "health and wealthers" would willingly be martyred for the "Christ" (Antichrist) they follow. Why? Because money (their god) can only serve and bless them while they are yet living. Which is why it's an undeniable fact, this entire group will take the Mark of the Beast (Mark of their god) so as to ensure their bank accounts (tangible evidence of God's blessing) doesn't dry up.

So their bank accounts don't wither, they eagerly perpetuate the drying up and withering of their eternal soul.

Or better stated: So their false teachers bank accounts don't wither...they eagerly perpetuate the drying up and withering of their eternal soul (with the hopes they'll get rich in the process).

To be a part of the Word of Faith movement is to inadvertently accept Satan's offer in which Christ refused. Matthew 4:8-11

Satan tried to get Christ to deny Himself of His standing with God in exchange for money, pomp, power, prestige and possession's. What He refused...the Word of Faith movement has accepted.

It's no wonder they have run to the Whore of Babylon (Catholicism) and embraced her as God. For she is dressed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls. She held in her hand a golden cup..." Revelation 17:4-8- How they marvel at her! She is adorned with the very items that live and serve to prove "God has tangibly blessed them". Where there is a carcass...the carrion bird will flock.

God says in reference to the Whore of Babylon: "Come out of her my people"...yet, so many are going in. Revelation 18:4

Mark my words: If you're fully engulfed and consumed by the teachings of the Word of Faith movement, you WILL inevitably end up involved in the Papal worship of Roman Catholicism. Kenneth Copeland, John Arnott, and Joel Osteen (among others, including Rick Warren) have already began their liquidation back to Rome by openly uniting with them.
Soon, the antichrist will arise, making his presence known to all. He will masquerade about as "all things for all people". He will be the "order out of chaos" all bad economies and social injustices are longing for. The Mark of the Beast will be marketed as a means by which people can "Live Their Best Life Now"...make no mistake of it. Earthly riches and prosperity will inevitably be the bait on the hook where the Mark of the Beast is concerned.

And the Word of Faith movement is already preconditioned.

People who have fully prescribed and given themselves over to the Word of Faith movement/Catholicism, have already emotionally and spiritually taken the Mark by accepting what Christ refused. The actual taking of the Mark will simply be Satan's way to seal those in which he already owns. It will simply be an "official stamp" upon what is already true.

The Mark of the Beast is hiding in plain sight...and a vast majority of the church who bears Christ's name has already spiritually taken it. Submitting to the doctrines of Word of Faith and Catholicism is THE preconditioning and prerequisite of Satan. It's designed to make you think you're following the Lord...while being marked by Satan.

The Word of Faith movement doesn't usher you unto "saving faith" ushers you unto "damning apostasy".

The Word of Faith movement is "The Word of the Beast" movement.

To be a part of the Word of Faith movement is spiritual suicide. Period.

The Word of Faith movement is just one of the bullets in the chamber of Satan's soulical game of Russian Roulette. If you insist on playing around with this demonically-derived movement, one day, the barrel of the false doctrine (loaded gun) you've crammed down your throat (and the throats of others) WILL go off. One day, the "click" in the chamber of conviction will be no more. Every ignored click brings the live ammunition closer and closer to the place where it will be eternally discharged. The noise that follows will echo into eternity and cannot be undone.

Incessantly pray for those involved in the Word of Faith movement and Catholicism. Pray for continued discernment that you too, won't be entangled and deceived.


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