The Quarantining and Disinfecting of Truth

The reason there is so much lukewarm preaching is because we have cowards in our pulpits who are applauded by cowards in the pews. People REFUSE to suffer for their faith. So, they water it down, hereby "sanitizing" the gospel to ensure they suffer absolutely no persecution at all. To these folks, Christ and the Gospel are simply not worth suffering for. They evidently feel that Christ and the Gospel are in need of a "human cleansing" before it can be "properly" fed to the masses. This is a direct insult and tyrannical self-exposure to the ones who perpetuate this apostasy.

It's an absolute declaration which states: "I am ashamed of the pure, undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ that holds the power of God unto Salvation...therefore, it must be washed, stripped and transformed before it can be made suitable for human consumption. This sad state of affairs INSTANTLY disqualifies such a one from being washed, stripped and transformed under the powerful influence of the undiluted Gospel. The power that the undiluted Gospel initially rendered powerless when it is tweaked by human containments and apostate insertions. When you seek to "transform" the Gospel...the very meaning and intent behind what the Gospel wants to do in your life is immediately aborted.

When you seek to transform the Gospel unto your image, you will be transformed unto whatever image Satan wishes you to be in.

People who preach "another Jesus" that has sprung from a self-made parody according to the image of themselves, treat Jesus Christ and His Gospel as if it's some sort of Bio-Hazard that needs to be quarantined from the people.

Quarantine Truth...and you insult God by implying to those around, that the cure is actually the disease.

Quarantine Truth and you confine yourself in a protective cocoon that serves to seclude and alienate you from the Truth.

Quarantine Truth and your place of refuge becomes a disease-ridden stronghold and fortress that serves to protect you from the cure.

Quarantine Truth and you begin overdosing on large amounts of the disease you think you are protecting yourself from.

When you start calling the 'cure' the 'disease' become the embodiment of that disease.

I'd rather be jailed then to insult my Lord with the notion that His Word needs a "disinfectant" before it can be preached. WE ARE THE ONES IN NEED OF A DISINFECTANT. And when you water the gospel down, you deny yourself it's intended effects. When you water down the Gospel you are diluting the remedy to the very disease it was intended to cure.

No my friend, the Gospel IS worth suffering for. But if you water down the Gospel and suffer for it...don't whine and cry and pretend it's Jesus you are suffering for: Don't pretend like you are suffering persecution on account of the actual Gospel. YOU ARE SUFFERING PERSECUTION AND RIDICULE because you are a propagator of a false doctrine who serves another jesus altogether. Don't play the victim when the ministers of the very Word you have trashed and watered down have come back to haunt you. Don't consider yourself a "martyr" when His true ministers confront you and hold you accountable to the Truth that you have treated like refuse in a Hazmat/Bio-Hazard container...

When you respond to the Truth of what's REALLY causing you persecution, in like manner, you are suffering for "another jesus and another gospel". And this "jesus" offers no reward for your suffering. (You suffer because you've done wrong).

Likewise, this "jesus" doesn't save anyone either; unless being saved from Eternal Life is the salvation in which you seek.

WE are the Bio-Hazard, we are the ones in need of cleansing, washing, stripping, disinfecting, sanitizing and transformative work...NOT the message and Gospel of Jesus Christ. STOP projecting your own disobedient failures and present condition on the Word of God. STOP pushing off what you refuse to allow the Gospel to do in your own life, by making it look like the Word doesn't require it at all. The modern gospel of so-called love has attempted to change the Word of God by making it appear there is no need to live in holiness at all. The result? We have millions of church-goers who now act "holier than thou" for not living holy AT ALL. This is legalism turned on its head. This is a new breed of legalists who are hell-bent on making it appear the Bible doesn't require ANYTHING but phoniness and false conversions.

Stop being a fake, fraudulent phony. One way or another, (within this context)you're going to suffer on account of the Gospel...either in this life like every other true disciple throughout the ages: or at the Judgment Seat.

I recommend the former.

There are far too many in the church, feeling the need to apologize for exhorting people to ACTUALLY do what it is our Lord commanded us to. The majority of the modern church believes the undiluted word needs to be watered down before it's "safe" for anyone to drink. They think man needs to be added before it can be effective. And in so doing, they have polluted and contaminated the pure water of the word with the blood of the people its false gospel has murdered. And like the River Nile after being turned to blood, the flies have flocked to it "seeking to be fed". Within the modern church; Behold the number of flies that flock to hear a false gospel preached!

The undiluted Gospel of the Word of God is the disinfectant that WE need. WE are NOT the disinfectant IT needs. (The mere fact this needs clarification is a sad declaration to the state of the modern church).

The Word of God doesn't need to be quarantined by riddling it through and through with SELF.

SELF needs to be quarantined by riddling it through and through with the Word of God.

But one things for sure: We must quarantine ourselves from this modern church lest we partake in the gangrene of her sin. She has truly cut herself off from the cure by embracing the disease. This is an oxymoronic spiritual suicide that has a mass preoccupation with death while falsely labeling it 'life'.

"When I see the church in the New Testament, they didn’t have stately buildings, they didn’t have paid evangelists. They didn’t have a lot of money. They didn’t have organization. They couldn’t get on TV and beg. But I’ll tell you what they did – they turned the world upside down!! And I’m embarrassed to be a part of the church of Jesus today because I believe it’s an embarrassment to a Holy God. I'm astounded, bewildered, confused, and baffled when people tell me there are 75 million people in America that are filled with the Holy Ghost... and we're the most rotten nation on earth. " -Leonard Ravenhill-

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