The Conscience...The Christian... and The Apostate

When you stop feeling convicted for repeated, habitual-sin, rest assured: you are on the pathway to a seared over conscience. And it is there, you'll reach the point, where there is so much soulical scar tissue that has built up from the accumulative weeks, months and years of squelching the Spirit's conviction--------that you'll lack the ability to feel. Everything that is OF God and FROM God will become of no effect. This is a progressive peeling away of the layers of spiritual appetite and interest you once held. It's an inside job and con of Satan, to reduce you to a mere shadow and mockery of the status of discipleship you once held. It's a "frog in the kettle- slowly but surely" tactic, of an incognito way to drastically reduce and eventually eliminate your spiritual appetite altogether.

At this point, the tender receptors of your conscience are so damaged that you become a spiritual and emotional cripple who is now unable to feel empathetically in regard to spiritual matters and things. This condition is brought on by self inflicted disobedience to what conviction has been desperately attempting to communicate with you over for months, or possible years.(while being ignored).

What you think is just that "one time innocent sin" (as you ignore the conviction that comes to save you from it) will eventually turn into a habitually-commited daily routine that will scar, singe and burn the nerve endings of your soul. Your soul and spirit are like a cell phone tower to God. Once you destroy this form of communication, and this "strong tower" of communicative defense: He has no way to contact you anymore. He doesn't communicate with flesh----He communicates with soul and spirit to override, bypass and protect us from the flesh. But once the soulical and spiritual frequencies are fried... He has no way of intervening before you make anymore of your rotten decisions. Thus the reason, conviction, sooner or later, all but dwindles and disappears the more you persistently indulge in sin.

What appears to be "innocent one-time lukewarmness" ALWAYS has the intent and motivation to lead you to PERMANENT FULL TIME BACKSLIDENESS.


EVERY willful sin is one step closer to a fried frequency with God. EVERY rejected communicative-conviction from the Spirit------is one step closer to having your conscience seared from a hot iron.

Everytime you know, what you're doing is wrong, but you do it are creating scar tissue on your soul and sabotaging the signal you have with God.

Oh how so many of us are spiritual anarchists who are hell bent on self destruction!

May we all fall on our faces and ask that the ability to FEEL may be restored to us once again. One who is completely seared over (an apostate) sometimes doesn't even know he needs to repent. This is due to the crippling level of soulical paralysis his disobedience has caused. (More on this further down).

If we lose the ability to is inevitable that we will FALL. May we all fall on our faces before Him lest we lose the ability to feel...otherwise we will fall and may never regain the ability to feel.

Willful habitual sin, done in private, where there is no chance of ANYONE seeing or finding out, is likened unto a farmer who goes into his fields night after night (while everyone is sleeping) to sow bad seeds amongst the good. As he does this he exclaims; "No one will ever know that I'm self-destructing, sabotaging and annihilating my entire life and livelihood but me. I think I'm actually going to get away with this!"

How ridiculous is an analogy such as this! But it's the very thing a Christian does when they sin willfully. "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap". Galatians 6:7- Whatever we plant...this we shall also harvest.


verb \ˈsir\

: to burn and damage the surface of (something) with strong and sudden heat.

: to make withered and dry




noun: conscience; plural noun: consciences inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior.

PART 2: The symptoms, condition and effect of a Christian who has a seared over conscience:

definition: A person who at one period of time was a believer, but through long, extended and drawn-out intervals, began to ignore the inner feeling and guiding voice of the Spirit in regard to rightness and wrongness of his daily choices and habitual experience. The imminent and seemingly inescapable outcome of such a person, is to irrevocably fall prey to the withering, total destruction and annihilation of his soulical circuits. At one time, the circuit board of their soul (the conscience) was the very vehicle in which God once utilized to speak and hereby communicate His intentions. Considering the self-destructive circumstances, they are left to wallow in what caused their circuits to become fried. Such a one's flesh is then turned over to the devil, and made to become one with what it worked so hard to align itself with. At this point, God's hands are tied. He is no rapist or inquisitional tyrant that forces Himself on anyone. Immense Judgment awaits a person of this order and magnitude.

One who has a seared conscience, in most instances, doesn't even know they have a seared conscience (this is one of the symptoms). To such a one as this, repentance is basically out of the question. For it was through refusal to repent they have come to the point they can no longer feel the urge to repent at all.

This lack of urgency and feeling is likened unto a person who no longer feels the urge to eat when he is hungry. Over time, this condition causes your system to begin to cannibalize the fat recesses. When there is no fat left, and you insist to continue in such a state, your system begins to cannibalize the amino acids that make up your muscle tissues. This is a last ditch effort to get essential vitamins and minerals that may be stored there. The final result, due to starvation, is that of your organs shutting down, withering and eventually dying altogether.

To be under the soul-scorching effects and self-inflicted paralysis of self-deception is to eventually be a withered and soon to be judged apostate.

This level of self-deception normally takes years of refusing to repent (This is due to the patience, loving-kindness and mercy of God). This in turn, causes soulical scar tissue to form on the nerve endings of the conscience. This is the progression that leads one into blatant apostasy. This is a sin that will be SEVERELY dealt with at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

To be an apostate implies that at one time one would have to have believed in the very things he has now fallen away, deviated and apostatized from. Their is no such thing as an apostate who at one time wasn't a believer. To say apostates are unbelievers is a logical fallacy that doesn't make a bit of sense.

The words “falling away,” “depart,” and “departing” are translations of either the Greek noun apostasia or the verb aphistemi (the verb form of apostasia), meaning “apostasy.”

The English word “apostasy” is actually a transliterated form of the
Greek word apostasia, a compound word formed from apo and stasis. Apo means “from,” and stasis means “to stand,” or “standing.” When used together, forming the word apostasia, the meaning is “standing away from.” This “standing away from” pertains to a position previously occupied and refers more specifically (drawing from contexts where the word is used) to a standing away from “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (cf. I Tim. 4:1; Jude 3).

All of this is why we must repent immediately after conviction of sin comes. Conviction is your spiritual GPS signal that was downloaded into your conscience the day you were saved. Its main function and intent is to lead you back to God upon deviation. When we procrastinate or all-out refuse to repent (for whatever reason) we begin to walk the green mile toward apostasy. When you refuse to repent or abstain from habitual acts that God is attempting to move you away from, you are actively engaging in the very acts that move you closer to apostasy. If you think such things can "never happen to you"...tell that to every dead drunk and drug addict who thought their addiction would never do to them, what it did to others. YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION. To think you are, is just another symptom that you're slipping into the deceptive pre-condition of apostasy.

How we must guard ourselves from getting to the point where we no longer are capable of repentance because of how badly we've singed the circuits of our spiritual-hardware. The seared over conscience that leads to apostasy is like a computer virus that attacks our spiritual hardware from the inside out. This causes a system failure which deems us incapable of recieving any further error messages from God. The result is the crash, burn and utter shutdown of the Global Positioning Systems that God intitially installed to protect us from sin.

What a sad, terrible and frightening condition to find oneself in!

In light of this, may we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling!

This is no game people. The Christian life isn't just a cliché, bumper sticker or fridge magnet. This isn't just another Facebook post either. God is telling you SOMETHING. If you're not completely seared over, He is telling you something every minute and EVERY second of EVERY day. The question is: Are we listening?

ALL roads lead to the Judgment Seat...what happens on that road is up to us. We have nearly reached our destination. Time is far too short to be tinkering around with besetting sins.

The Spirit explicitly says that in the later times some will desert the faith and occupy themselves with deceiving spirits and demonic teachings, influenced by the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared as with a hot branding

iron." 1 Timothy 4:1-2

To those of you who are refusing to repent and are habitually partaking in the very things God is telling you is wrong: MEET YOUR FUTURE SELF: You have reached the point you can no longer distinguish between good and evil (But yet you will still be judged for every last drop of evil that you've self-allowed yourself to no longer be able to distinguish from).

MEET YOUR FUTURE SELF: A withered, crippled, starving, dying apostate who has walked the green mile of disobedience unto apostasy for so long, that you've now reached the room where your execution will occur.

Remember: YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION. If it can happen to can happen to you. And according to the's going to happen to many.

At this point, "repent while you still can" takes on a completely different meaning.

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