Taking Up Your Cross

Do you truly believe that the phrase "taking up your cross daily" best describes the life of an authentic believer? If so, is this just a notion...a doctrine...mere head knowledge...or does this phrase best describe your daily life?

Anything short of authentic...is inauthentic.

Doctrine VS Devotion...there is no fine line. You're either devoted or you're not (regardless of the facts we have stored in our mind). No matter what we believe, it does us no good if it's not put in...to practice. The facts found in the Bible must be mingled and impregnated by our faith and hereby converted and birthed into our daily experience. Otherwise the very intent of what is found in the Bible is reduced to an empty game of trivia...that we just so happen to know all of the answers to.

The Christian Life isn't a board game that holds no outward, real-life application.

The Christian life is based on facts found in the Bible. Those facts are energized and activated when they become the object by which our faith is directed. This initiation prompts the Spirit to convert words on a page into a perpetuating life-force that is transfigured and transmuted into our daily experience.

Make God's Word come to life by converting your doctrine into devotion. Transmit the Word of God from a mere translation into a life altering transformation that spellbindingly redesigns and revamps the very fabric of your daily experience.

Make the scriptures come to life. Don't merely read your Bible: Live your Bible.

Fact, Faith and Experience...these three tenants are the Trinity of what the Spirit utilizes to initiate the authentic Christian life.

Get as much as you possibly can from the Bible by allowing it to embed, drive and infuse itself into the very time, space and core of your daily perceptibility.

If the scriptures aren't experienced as a living, breathing and thriving absolute...you will deem them to be obsolete.

Ask the Lord to help you to convert your beliefs into a real-world phenomenon. Don't live another day not experiencing the intent of what lies behind every Word of scripture.

A spiritual migration must occur: It is vital that we relocate the doctrines of our head...to the tips of our hands and to the soles of our feet. (It's high time we all put some shoe leather into our Christianity).

We must be careful not to become an expert in the doctrine of the Atonement...while not intimately being devoted to the One who Atones.

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