Take up your cross and follow me

Christ said "Take up your cross and follow me".

The modern church says: "That's legalism...you told the thief on the cross he'd be with you in paradise...and he didn't have to do anything...so why should I?"

My response: "What was that thing the thief was hanging on again? Yeah, a cross. Do the words 'allegorical' or 'metaphor' mean ANYTHING to you? You don't think this could've been a type, figure and reference as to what each and every Christian is expected to do...that is: to bear their cross and follow Christ into paradise..? Naaaaaah...It must've meant to live however you want to live in the sinfulness of the carnal flesh and you will one day end up in paradise. Yup, sounds pretty Biblical to me...

Adam and Eve were kicked OUT of paradise and suffered a spiritual death for doing the very thing this modern church suggests one can do to get IN? (Ending up in hell is apparently the new 'paradise' to this modern church). And to suggest Christ instigated and initiated this 'process of apostasy' from the cross of ALL places?!?!?

This is blatant heresy.

If you serve a Jesus who instigates and approves of lawlessness...you serve another Jesus altogether.

This modern church loves themselves so much (their sin) that they've grown completely hateful of God and His Truth.

To the modern church, 'Truth' is a hate crime and must be rejected. So in turn, they embrace their sin and reject the Christ in whom they say has saved them.

If your 'Christ' hasn't saved you from your sin...you have not the Christ of the Bible nor have you been saved from hell.

If you embrace your sin as opposed to the cross that saves from sin...the only thing you're saved from is the salvation you claim to have.

Sin is what lights aflame the fires of hell...therefore; if you're not saved from the sin that sends one to hell...you possess a counterfeit ticket to heaven...aboard a first class flight to a third class hell.

To say you are saved from hell while simultaneously being locked in a loving embrace with the very things that send you there...is like breathing in noxious gas while saying you are saved from unconsciousness.

This modern church is spiritually unconscious while it adamantly embraces the deadness of its comatose soul. It is breathing in the noxious fumes of hell while calling the state and condition of its pernicious and poisonous toxicity 'SALVATION'.

The modern church is obsessed with the sinful abscesses that its spiritual-perniciousness has caused.

The modern church is a still-birth at the altar. At best, it's a spiritual abortion that was doomed at conception. A lot of good it does to fight abortion in the natural...while encouraging, condoning, instigating, initiating and approving of it in the supernatural.

THIS is what happens when you are in love with the things God wishes to save you from. THIS is what happens when salvation is reduced to a cheap escape from hell. THIS is what happens when you turn salvation into a means to commit sin. THIS is what happens when you make it your life goal to twist Christ into appearing to be just as lawless as you. If you find it inconceivable to be saved from the lawlessness of sin...Christ will find it inconceivable to save you from hell.

"Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?' "And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.' Matthew 7:22-23

You see, to these type of people, it's not good enough that they ALONE are lawless. They feel the need to make Christ lawless as well by making it appear He died so we could be free TO sin. In light of this, I ask: "If Christ is going to cast away the lawless ones (Matthew 7:23) how much more so will He cast away those who have made it their life obsession to make HIM appear to be JUST as lawless as them? If His sacrifice is an excuse to be lawless, Christ is then counted as a transgressor of His own Word...and we know that can't be true. So what then do we conclude? We conclude that these people have fashioned and formed an idol who looks coincidently, JUST LIKE THEM. Yes, they have fashioned and formed a God of their own making, while calling it "Jesus Christ".

Did the Father send His Son to go through the pain and torment of the cross, JUST to have His recipients and benefactors, adoringly remain in the SIN that caused Him to be stricken, smitten and to suffer and DIE?

Does He now have NO problem with the SIN that caused Jesus Christ to be MADE SIN on our behalf? (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Does He now have NO problem with us dragging the name & sacrifice of Him who knew NO SIN through the mud of our LOVE for the SIN that slew Him on the cross?

Does He now (AFTER salvation) have no problem with His "children" partaking of the SIN that was sending them to Hell (and caused Him to die)? If it was because of SIN you were going to Hell BEFORE salvation---how much MORE so now, AFTER salvation should you be inclined to STOP the very things that caused Christ's affliction and YOUR imminent doom and destruction?

Does He NOW mockingly ridicule and cheapen His own sacrifice by promoting the very lifestyle that caused Him to be in ANGUISH and sweat great drops of blood? Luke 22:44

Does He HATE the SIN BEFORE one is saved, but LOVE to see it practiced by those AFTER He has saved them?

Did He HATE the SIN to the degree, that He'd be willing to suffer and die for us, in spite of SIN...only to then send us His Spirit to reside in us, ALL so we can continue in the SIN that He once HATED...but NOW approves of????????????

Is He NOW glorified by the SIN that once condemned Him to die as a common criminal?

Does the Father now LOVE the SIN that made it unbearable to look upon Christ when He hung in our stead?

Does He now LOVE the Sin that caused a great darkness on the land and made Christ to became an unbearable sight to look upon?

Does He find what was UNBEARABLE to look upon in Christ, to be lovingly BEARABLE when He looks upon US?

Does the SIN that caused the Father to be PLEASED in the CRUSHING of Christ, now bring Him pleasure when WE partake of the cause of this CRUSHING? Isaiah 53:10

Does He now find pleasure and delight in what caused His Son to be mutilated beyond recognition? Isaiah 52:13-15

Do we serve a confused, forgetful, double-minded-schizophrenic, voyeuristically-sin-loving God...who quit taking His meds after the resurrection and ascension of Christ?

Is this GRACE?

Is it Grace to NOW condone, promote and encourage, what you will one day Judge, condemn and castigate for? -2 Cor 5:10-Revelation 20-

This. Is. Madness.

How can one who claims to have the "Holy" Spirit, NOT have any of His "Holy" attributes?

Is the Spirit Holy or not?

Yes, the Spirit is "Holy" because it is the Spirit of Christ. So how can one who flippantly claims to be a "partaker of the Divine Nature" (Christ's Nature) NOT have ANY of this Spirit's Nature currently at work in their lives? (2 Peter 1:4-1 Peter 1:16)

How can one who arrogantly boasts in their sin, have ANY part with a Spirit that HATES the things they LOVE? How can one who claims to be "saved" live in a constant state of perpetual sinfulness and lawlessness?

Well, one things for sure: THIS is why they have the absolute NEED and NECESSITY to create a self-made image and lawless-idol they have merely named "Jesus Christ". The Children of Israel named the golden calf "Jehovah who delivered us from Egypt" (Exodus 32). Was Jehovah REALLY the golden calf that they concocted, fashioned and formed? Nope...this just made them feel better in the midst of their idolatry.

Is Jesus Christ REALLY the God this modern church has concocted, fashioned and formed? Nope...it just appeases their conscience and makes them feel better in the midst of their idolatry.

Idol worship is alive and well in the 21st century. People don't worship totem poles or images made of wood or metal anymore...they worship metaphysical things that are based upon portions of their likes, dislikes, personalities and figments of their imagination. (And it makes them feel better to inscribe their idol with a verse of scripture).

Just as a pagan Shaman proudly displays an image of the god his temple is dedicated to...the modern church sanctuaries are proudly packed with little idols in the pews and the "Big Daddy" idol behind the pulpit. The vast majority of the modern church is merely a pagan temple where images of idols come to sit and hear another idol "give a speech" about how wonderful they are...about how wonderful their "god" thinks they are...and how much He is JUST LIKE THEM. The modern church isn't fashioned after the image of Christ...it's fashioned after the image of SELF. SEE HOW IT'S TEMPLES ARE PACKED WITH IMAGES OF THE GOD IT WORSHIPS.

Christ said "Take up your cross and follow me". This command will ALWAYS lead you to the denial of SELF...NOT the instigation and propagation of it.

To properly deny yourself of SELF...in the way Christ expects...we must deny ourselves of this modern church...lest we share in the judgment of its lawlessness.

Christ said "Take up your cross and follow me". The modern church has ousted Christ... It has hijacked and superimposed itself over this command and hereby says: "Take up your SELF and follow me".

This modern church hates God so much that it can't take its eyes off of itself.

This modern church has become THE truth in which it seeks. The only thing it's saved from, is the salvation it claims to have. SELF can't save one single soul...it can only manipulate people into thinking it can.

The process of carrying the cross of self (while mistaking SELF for GOD) ALWAYS leads to the twisting of the Truth. The cross of SELF is a cross of LIFE that leads to DEATH. The cross of Christ is a cross of DEATH that leads to LIFE.

The cross of SELF always, without fail, puts to death the very elements of life.

The cross of SELF is a cross unto death (because of its aliveness to sin).The cross of Christ is a cross unto life (because of its deadness to sin).

The modern church of SELF is the gates of hell that wishes to prevail against the church of Christ. This is spiritual terrorism...and they will not prevail.

God is calling those in which are truly His out from among this Babylonian system. It's one second to midnight...behold He is at the door.

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