(The Symptoms of the Tare Ridden Gospel of Modern Christianity).

Lately, I've really been thinking about how the writings of Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, Mike Murdock and others; how they all can be found under "Christian Living" and "nonfiction" in our "Christian" book retailers. But what do these hybrid, Biblical-plagiarizers know about Non-fictitious, Christian living? Some of these culprits preach a message that if you’re not FILTHY rich, ...there is something wrong with you spiritually; that you're a "spiritual reject" (look who's talking). That if you don't rob from your children's mouths, your pensions or refinance your home, to give to their "ministries", you're in rebellion to God and won't get into heaven.

Truth be known, these folks don't like what the Bible says. Prosperity, name-it-claim-it health and wealthers, don't like the fact, the Bible said to "keep yourselves from the love of money and be content in ALL things" (Hebrews 13:5). Nor do they like the fact that greed is called "idolatry" in Colossians 3:5 and is lumped right alongside of sexual immorality and lust.

So, they twist the Bible to make it appear it lays demands on ALL believers to be FILTHY rich(mainly THEM--let's be honest, they could CARE LESS whether you get rich or not--so long as they are). They don't like the verses that tell us to deny ourselves and take up our cross (Luke 9:23). So they either ignore these verses altogether, or twist them until they're deprived of their original intended meaning and context. To them, "denying oneself" has been reduced to sticking with the Mercedes instead of giving into the covetous-lust of wanting that new BMW. Or denying yourself two gold toilets (Eddie Long) and just sticking with the one you already have.

See how they suffer for Christ! Heaven just stood to attention! Nobody in all of church history has given up so much to follow the Lord! (Apostle Paul, move out of the way...you've just been served).

On a side note; I wonder what these prosperity pimps think of the millions in the Chinese Church who are DIRT POOR that are losing their lives daily and suffering for Christ immensely? They must not be real Christians, huh? And I suppose Watchman Nee who died like a dog in a communist work camp back in 1974 was a counterfeit Christian; because he died penniless...just like Paul, James, Peter, Polycarp, Barnabas, Stephen, John Wycliffe, John Wesley, Charles G Finney, William Tyndale...and JESUS. They ALL must've been counterfeits, because they didn't have the sign of the "almighty dollar" giving proof of God's blessing by driving them with lust, greed and idolatrous passion toward the things of this passing, fleeting age.

Yes, anybody who doesn't accept the things the Devil offered Jesus (in which He refused) does not have the anointing hand of God on their life. Man, Jesus must've really missed it when Satan offered Him all of the Kingdoms of the world, with its prestige, glory wealth, honor and fame; only to refuse it.

If Jesus refused it, then why do we have so-called ministers of this very same Jesus, living in 10 million dollar homes, flying around in 5 million dollar jets, sitting on golden toilets, having 100,000 dollar motor homes for their dogs (Jan Crouch) as they adorn themselves with 5,000 dollar suits that are complimented by 25,000 dollar Rolex's, while taking notes with a 4,500 dollar fountain pen (Mike Murdock)???? Why I ask, WHY?

SIMPLE: Because they have accepted what Christ refused.

And I think we know who the real counterfeits are in this scenario...

Let me get one thing straight: WHEN persecution comes to the West (and it will) WHEN the economy tanks and hits the bottom, (and I mean the bottom) to the point it reduces this nation (America) to a third world status; where does the prosperity Gospel fit in? When there is no longer money, mansions or fancy cars to fuel their deceptive practices to wrangle money out of people like the swindling false teachers they are...what then? When their god (mammon) is swallowed up; they will be swallowed up with it. They will no longer have a stupefied congregation to sit there with their tickle-addicted ears twitching, with mouths hung open, in sweet worship, adoration and awestruck wonderment as they gaze upon "The Lord's Anointed" like a sheep led to the slaughter... week in and week out... to sign their "get out of hell" tithe check. What then? Where does this leave the so called "prosperity gospel?" No more money, wealth or posessions to "prove" they are anointed...what then? Well, I suppose they'll be required to either get saved, and start acting like every other true disciple of Christ who has ever lived. Or they'll just abandon God altogether (something they're quite good at).

These false teachers are fit for destruction: and they are their own destruction.

"But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction". -2 Peter 2:1-

There's a reason "prosperity pimps" didn't exist in the 1st century Church; The likes of those in which this false gospel attracts, are cowardly in nature (like a snake oil peddler), full of selfish-intent and greed fueled gain. A person such as this was certainly not going to risk his life by converting to an outlawed religion, that was punishable by death. (One such as this was better off getting into politics...yes, prosperity preachers are very much like a slippery politician). In other words: Prosperity pimps aren't about giving up ANYTHING...certainly not their life. And even if a half crazed, prosperity minded person slipped through the cracks of the 1st century Church, and tried to propagate this falsehood; he'd of been SHUT DOWN INSTANTLY by the Godly leadership. Unlike the cowards we have in our pulpits today. And unlike the droves of self-uninformed, congregants that fill their churches and enable their ministries year after year.

When the leadership goes sour; NEW leaders SHOULD rise up in revolt; wielding the Sword of Truth. Just study church history; its happened repeatedly. The Reformation under Martin Luther came from circumstances such as this. Which was a revolt against the mass heresies, idolatry and sinful practices of the Catholic Church. This revolt against heresy and return to Truth, ushered out MILLIONS from the Catholic heresy. (Which is ironic: because Kenneth Copeland has recently recanted his protestant heritage, founded under the reformation, and is making the transition of his "health and wealth" cronies back to Rome...big surprise there).

It's high time the masses of people who have been feeding funds to these false prophets began to starve them out. They've been starving and depriving the ENTIRE world of TRUTH by their revolting telecasts for years. So I think it's time the favor was returned and the masses quit rewarding these false prophets with the millions that they claim "God" has given them. God has no more given these false teachers money than Santa has given ANY gifts to ANY kid on planet earth... EVER.

So yeah, I get a little bent out of shape when I see these false teachers "anti-Christ writings filed under "Christian Living" and "Nonfiction". When in fact they should be filed under "Apostate Living, Fiction or "Fantasy".

But the more I think of it, these folks ARE Biblically based. They're FALSE TEACHERS that EVERY New Testament writer warned against; even Christ Himself (Matthew 7:15, Romans 16:17). They ARE found in the Bible...just not in flattering way. You see, Satan is found in the Bible as well...again, just not in a very flattering way. And just the same, when the Antichrist arises, who could say he's NOT biblically based? For this reason we must use discernment! Even THE Antichrist will deceive and will use the Bible (along with the pope, Copeland and Osteen) to deceive and hereby reap the harvest of their millions of followers.

But for now, until THE Antichrist is revealed; we have MANY antichrists’ priming the pump for THE Antichrist that we must contend with. Grievous wolves have certainly entered in among us. (Acts 20:29) And for that reason, it's ironically fitting for the writings of these false teachers to be filed under "Christian Living" and “Nonfiction”. Whether we like it or not (and I don't) we'll have to put up with false teachers in our Christian lives and living, until Christ returns. It's not a comfortable truth; but it's certainly not "Fiction" or "Fantasy". And with the recent visit between Osteen and Copeland with Pope Francis to, "put the reformation behind them", so they can "unite"...So Protestants can unite with Catholicism...the greatest propagator of idol worship on planet earth...the biggest hoax that has ever been perpetuated and thrust upon mankind...well, you don't need much spiritual discernment to see where this is headed. The New World Order is at hand.

Most who follow these heretical teachers back to Rome, will, without a doubt, take the Mark of the Beast, which is the real reason behind this push of "so called" unity. This "unity" will initiate and start the deathblow of the Pope's "checkmate" on Protestantism (it's destruction) and will inevitably introduce the One World Religion of the New World Order. We need to wake up! These false teachers/prophets are tares and wolves sown in among the sheep to deceive.

We are dealing with apocalyptic, end-times, posing counterfeits; who have deceived literally MASSES of people. And that’s what counterfeits do---they POSE to be the real thing while among the real thing. It's the technique they utilize to blend in:"Hiding in plain sight". They are tares sown among the wheat.

Matthew 13:24-30-The Greek word translated tares in Matthew 13 is zizanion which is the darnel plant (Lolium temulentum) and it is called zuwan by the Arabs today. It looks very similar to wheat before it matures, but after it comes into ear it is easily recognizable and can be separated from the wheat. The black seeds of the darnel are poisonous and if eaten can cause CONVULSIONS , SLEEPINESS, NAUSEA, SEIZURES and sometimes even DEATH. So the analogy of these plants to an evil group of people is appropriate. There is a reason Christ chose the analogies He did. To the unwary eye they grow unnoticed among the good plants and seem to be one of them. BEHOLD THE COUNTERFEIT CHURCH AND THE BLACK SEEDS OF "UNITY" IT IS SOWING.

See how the bewitching of the poisonous tares that have been sown among us, is causing a deluded state of Spiritual-convulsions/seizures, sleepiness, nausea (I will spit you out of my mouth-Rev 3:16) and death in and among the modern church! And why? So we can be united...unto a flagrant lie that makes unity its God and Truth it's Satan.

Catholicism's push for unity is a poisonous-black-death trap of doctrines that have been sown by devils.

We are now experiencing the full-blown perpetuation and growth of these seeds of hell. It's no wonder Catholicism sought out the Word of Faith movement and no other sect of Protestantism. Misery loves company...tares beget tares. A seed can only produce after its own kind. So it's no surprise Catholicism (a tare distribution company) would seek out the tares who make up a portion of Protestantism.

Some of those who are duped by this false unity, don't know they're false teachers; they’re just THAT deceived. Others are well aware of it and REFUSE to change (apostates). Because changing and admitting fault is intercepted by PRIDE. And this pride is fueled by GREED. Admitting they're wrong breaks the bank and would require them to become a genuine believer. And being a genuine believer doesn't pay so well in comparison (but being a tare does). They'd rather be broke in Truth... then they would at the bank. They have chosen their god. And most of them continue to add leaven to Christ's Body (fully aware of its falsehood), because of their love of money. They trade the Truth of God and countless souls lost for a six figure income (Behold your unity).

(In regard to false teachers) "They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good". Titus 1:16

They cause people to sin, through their false teachings BECAUSE of their love of money. These were the folks Christ referenced when He said "Whoever (those who teach) causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for a great millstone to be tied around their neck and they were drowned in the sea (Mark 9:42). The Judgment won't be pleasant for false teachers. (See the entire book of Jude) They are waterless springs and Tares among Wheat... leaving it up to us to discern which is true and which is false (in these days, seek discernment more than money). Christ will have the last say in who is bundled and burned ) Matthew 13:39-41). But until then, we must guard ourselves and others from their deceptive, destructive teachings lest we be bundled and burned with them. (We must be very sensitive and aware of the Spirit and search the scriptures like Bereans to do this).

These counterfeits are expecting a standing ovation when they arrive in Heaven for the judgment of all the deeds done in the body, whether they be evil or good (2 Cor 5:10). And most of them will hand in a counterfeit payment for an escape from an utterly real hell. I'm not saying NONE of them are saved...but if you read your Bible...the only place they can be found is filed under the "False Teacher" section and "millstone tied to the neck section". (So don't shoot the messenger).

This goes as a warning to ALL of us: If your spiritual coin doesn't bear the mint-stamp of the Holy Spirit...good luck cashing it in at the Judgment Seat. We ALL must examine ourselves under the searchlight of Christ and His Word to see whether we are even in the Truth.

The only thing these false teachers and their adherents know about Christian Living, is how to draw a stark contrast between themselves and those who are actually living the Christian Life as it's revealed in scripture. And how to alienate themselves from the Truth to such a drastic degree, that it makes any sound, Bible believing disciple, astounded that ANYONE could believe their nonsensical garbage that didn't even exist until 50 years ago (!) (minus Catholicism). So for that we thank them; for making it easy to spot "Waldo" in and among the vast plethora of false teachers we have among us.

Yes, Satan comes as an angel of light...Which is why we are called to expose him (Ephesians 5:11). And we MUST expose him no matter how unpopular or how uncomfortable it makes us.. It's for the Love of the Brethren; that they'd be no longer deceived. I don't expect that ANYTHING I say, will ever change the minds of Osteen, Copeland or the Pope. I think they are being used (much like Judas was) to fulfill Bible prophesy. Because these things: the New World Order, Antichrist, One World Religion etc, MUST happen just as Judas fulfilled the prophesy of betraying Christ for 30 pieces of silver...it HAD to happen. And so must the things that are happening now.

We are in the midst of the apostasy Paul spoke of in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. He made it clear these things MUST take place before Christ would return. The only thing we lack is the revealing of Antichrist. Stay tuned, it's right around the corner.

What I do hope to accomplish through this page, is to warn those who are in danger of being sucked into this System of the Beast's One World Religion. If I can save even one; EVERY article I've ever written will be worth it.

I'm NOT letting up. I've been attacked viciously these last few days by man-worshipers who can only talk about how wonderful Joel and Kenneth are and how I am guilty of blasphemy for pointing out the fact they're false teachers/prophets. And it's funny: When in a debate with a Health and Wealther or a Catholic, I am constantly leading them to scripture and they are constantly leading me back to a man...hmmmm. I wonder why that is?

Yes, its even been implied that I'm Satan, because I "accuse the Brethren". There is absolutely no accusation against any "brethren" going on here. False prophets, false teachers, swindlers, greed-mongers and idolaters...yes. But brethren, no. The way these teachers "do church" is not even found in the Bible (unless it's filed under Babylon or Apostasy). The way they preach Christ is devoid of any Biblical footing or foundation. They are non-existent by way of the scriptures and orthodox church history no matter how you crunch the numbers. I think what my accusers mistake as "accuser of the brethren" is: "exposing the deeds of darkness" (Ephesians 5:11). Well, actually, I'm exposing nothing: They expose themselves, with their insatiable greed, lust, spiritual-fornication and idolatry. I simply warn others to stay away from what has already been exposed through their sheer ignorance of all things sacred. And when I said "the way they preach Christ"...I was being very kind. Because they don't preach Christ; they preach SATAN and SELF.

So, with that said: if your "brethren" are in fact the workers of iniquity that preach another gospel; I apologize you are offended when they are constantly exposing themselves for what they truly are. And it's truly unfortunate, that you are further offended when people such as myself use them as an example as to what others should avoid. But your offence, attack and ridicule will never squelch my speaking forth of Truth.

These teachers preach a gospel that has "another" Jesus. They have a Christ who is non-existent within the confines of the New Testament and nearly 2,000 years of church orthodoxy. They are closer in word, deed and practice to that of a Shaman, charlatan, con-man, politician, Roman Emperor, new-ager or heathen Hindu.

If these are your brethren, I highly doubt it's "Satan" accusing them...if that's the case... 98% of the New Testament is being utilized of Satan.

I rest my case...well, for now anyway.

Thousands are starting to see what is unfolding with Catholicism and the Prosperity movement. The Pope chose the Health and Wealthers first, because they are the ones who know their Bible's the least. And they are also fellow idolaters.

The pope worships concrete formed into images (that have replaced God)...the Word of Faither's worship money that buys them images (that have replaced God).

I see no difference. The Pope made the right choice in choosing the people he chose in order to initiate the domino effect of the New World Order.

May the Lord keep us and protect us all from being deceived in the days, months and possible years that lye ahead. Its no longer a cliché to say "We are in the last days". Take a look around...

"Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28-

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