Pope Francis, the supposed head of Christ's "One True Church" is ironically distancing himself from Christ to get the world to love him.

The result?

The world AND a vast portion of the mainstream Protestant Church blindly jumps right on board.

The ploy of the pope has exposed the modern church as being an active fornicator with the world. She has officially become a daughter of the harlot.

The Pope's visit to the USA has blatantly exposed and unimpeachably laid bare two things:

(1) It has revealed who is actively bearing their cross and following Christ.


(2) It has revealed who is actively bearing their flesh and following a counterfeit-christ.

If Francis is the leader of Christ's Church...why does he distance himself from this very Christ?

If Francis is the leader of Christ's Church...why does the world love HIM but HATE Christ?

Did Christ say, "They hated me...but they're going to love you?"

Did He say: "You will be loved by everyone on account of me?"

Does His Word say: "All who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will be celebrated by a godless world?"


And ironically, the very same media that marginalises, lambastes, ridicules, detests and mocks Chrisianity and the Bible...is the very same media that is swooning over Pope Francis and Catholicism.

The very same Hollywood that's filled to the brim with the putrid stench of Godlessness and immorality...who spits in the face of Christ at every opportunity while flaunting and distributing its Sodom and Gomorrah agenda to our children and the entirety of the inhabited world...is the very same Hollywood that is swooning with gleeful delight over Pope Francis and Catholicism.

Either my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a liar...or Pope Francis is a Luciferian fraud.

Francis has inadvertently proven himself to be an apostatized-reprobate false prophet, who is the head of an utterly devoid of Christ false church, that serves a Satanically derived counterfeit christ that'll find its end in the lake of fire.

The "christ" of Francis is an antichristos...an antichrist who seeks to replace, dethrone, overthrow and counterfeit the genuine Christ.

The "christ" of Francis draws "all men unto a man".

The "christ" of Francis calls the entirety of the wicked, vile and sin-loving world to "come as you are...and stay as you are" (with no hope or need of change).

The "christ" of Francis fully embraces religions that stand diametrically opposed to the Christ we see in the Bible.

The "christ" of Francis flippantly embraces religions who have an insatiable hatred for non-Catholics; and whose sole objective is the destruction of them.

The "christ" of Francis has given up his seat at the right hand of God, and has freely given it to "The Queen of Heaven"...Mary.

The "christ" that whispers in Francis's ear says "the work of Christ on the cross was a failure"...

And the world, along with the vast majority of the mainstream Protestant Church...flock to him and marvel after him.

Like a deer pants for a water-brook...so the heart of this world and counterfeit church pants for a glimpse of the "christ" this False Prophet has to offer.

The "christ" of Francis is Satan...the deceiving angel of light himself.

Mark my words: What you're seeing unfold before your very eyes, is the beginning stages of the Incarnation and unveiling of The Antichrist and the New World Order. Through the papacy, hell itself will be unleashed...all in the name of unity, love... and "christ".

If you're not prepared to give up your life for Christ...get on your knees.

Tribulation is coming. But so is Christ.

Soon, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...the Great I Am...Jesus Christ...the Holy and Eternal One from everlasting to everlasting...will crush Satan under His feet.

The events the apostle John wrote about have become the very air we are breathing. Take a deep breath and ask the Lord to strengthen you to endure unto the end.

If the whole church goes off into apostasy and marvels after the beast...this will in no way excuse us from following Christ.

When nearly the entire church has walked headlong into apostasy..."taking up your cross and following CHURCH" will no longer suffice.

Take up your cross and FOLLOW CHRIST.

Following church ALWAYS poses the risk of apostasy. But exclusively following Christ NEVER poses that risk.

Deception is coming and deception is here.

We will be hated by EVERYONE on account of Him...especially the ones who think the "christ" of Francis is the genuine one.

Buckle up church...Christ is coming ever so quickly. He is poised at the door...and His reward is with Him.


Spit in the face of this counterfeit by adamantly and rebelliously following Christ at ALL COSTS.

If need be, die on account of your staunch commitment and faith in Christ.

But never, NEVER give them the satisfaction of giving in. Let them kill you...who cares. The body is just clothing for the soul. Father God is just gonna buy us new clothes on resurrection day anyhow.

You can take away a man's bible.

You can take away a man's religion.

You can take away a man's counterfeit.

You can even take away a man's bodily life.

But you can NEVER take away a man's soul...and you can NEVER even get remotely close to taking away a man's Christ.

We're saved...Satan can't touch the eternal part of us...and in this, he is already defeated.

Don't fear persecution...embrace it as a welcome guest. What an honor it is to be persecuted on account of Christ.

To be utterly hated because we're in-dwelt with the I AM...the One in whom spoke to Moses from a burning bush...is NOTHING to be ashamed of.

Embrace the honor of persecution.

May the Lord strengthen us all for the days ahead, amen.

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