OBJECTION: "Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. We haven't one example within the four Gospels that homosexuality is wrong".

Translation: "Jesus encouraged, condoned and blatantly approved of homosexuality".

Response: Well, Jesus never said anything about cannibalism, pornography, heroin addiction, rape, incest, spousal abuse, erotic asphyxiation, assisted suicide, death metal music, terrorism, abortion, transhumanism, genetic modification, GMO's, bestiality or food addiction either. So does this mean that He was and is okay with these things as well?

To the unregenerate, anti-intellectual person (looking for ways to condone sin) who cant prescribe a thought, let alone common sense, rationality or the skills of logic: I suppose the answer would be "yes". Following this line of "logic" we have full Biblical support to go and start the "First Church of the Incestual-Cannibalistic-Genetically Modified-Beast Loving-Domestically Violent Food Addicts...of Christ". Really? Not hardly...

So, just because the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) say nothing in regard to homosexuality, this means it's okay to have homosexual churches? Well, this is the line of "logic" that has given birth to such heinous realties in the so-called church of our day. This logical fallacy must be unpacked and deconstructed for what it is. Read on:

You see, to the one who knows who Jesus was and is; and not only knows "about" Him, but knows Him, I say this: Jesus is the Word because He was the Divine ink that stained the pages of our Bibles with ALL of the Word...not just the red letters. And not just the collectivity of the words, but the collectivity of our heart, spirit and soul. He has stained us all (the redeemed), with the Divine ink of Heaven's pen, making a lasting indelible mark upon us.

Christ is the pen...the Spirit is the ink...and we are the paper.

This is why, when a Child of God reads simple ink on simple paper (the Bible) the words jump off the page like they have a life of their own. Something in us leaps...something in us is quenched like a parched dry land when we read or hear the Words of scripture. Do you know why? Because the Words that make the Bible...the Word of God, DO have a life of their own.

These Words are nourishing food and cleansing-quenching water.

Hebrews 4:12 tells us: "The Word of God is Living and Active"... just like the nutrients in our food that reach every cell in our body to supply it with sustaining life and energy.

As food is life to our physical body, the Words of scripture is food to our spiritual body.

The Bible as a book is merely leather, paper and ink. There is nothing supernatural about the construction of the Bible. But the origin by which these words have come to us...the force behind what has come to stain the pages of our Bible and hereby form various words, sentences, paragraphs and verses ARE what makes the Bible a Living, supernatural life giving force. What makes the Bible Divine isn't the materials that go into manufacturing and printing it as a book. It is Divine because of the source by which it was tapped.

The stained ink laden pages are merely the vehicle and host by which the Spirit of God carries and delivers His life giving water to a dry and parched land.

Once blank paper is stained with the Words He inspired so long ago, it becomes a capsule that delivers life-altering nutrients to all that utilize it.

Without the above knowledge in regard to the profundity and all out magnificence of the Divine and Holy nature of scripture, one can have no rational thought where the Bible and it's message is concerned. Thus, enter the homosexual "church" and so many others who have deviated from scripture due to the refusal to comprehend the vast magnitude, origin and intent of what we so flippantly call "The Bible".

Without the Spirit's personal touch...one will attempt to understand the spiritual with the carnal. Only misunderstanding, apostasy and sin will follow. Behold the modern church!. 1 Corinthians 2:14

ALL of scripture is Divinely inspired...NOT just the portions you like.

Christ carried on His ministry through the Apostle Paul after He ascended to heaven. Christ inspired Paul to write, in the same manner He was inspired of the Father to SPEAK the things HE did in His earthly ministry.

When on earth, Christ repeated what the Father was telling Him.

When He took His seat at the right hand of the Father, the same process was repeated in people like Paul, John, James, Jude and Peter...they repeated (by writing it down) what Christ was telling them.

The things Paul wrote...were the things Christ spoke.

Christ inspired Paul the same way He did all of the prophets in the Old Testament.

"...What I write to you is the Lord’s command. If someone does not recognize this, he is not recognized of God". -Apostle Paul- 2 Corinthians 14:37-38

So its not a matter of "what did PAUL say about homosexuality". Its a matter of what did Christ say THROUGH Paul about homosexuality. Well, I'm glad you asked:

" Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God". 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Do you think Paul was just making this up as he went? No! He was taken to the third heaven and shown "revelations of surpassing greatness". SO great were the revelations, a buffeting demon was sent in order to keep him humble, that he may not exalt himself. (2 Corinthians 12:1-10) What you read in the letters of Paul, more than likely, all stem from this third heaven revelation, (Just like John in the Book of Revelation) in which we can surmise, he was taught directly of Christ Himself, in regard to what to say, think, do and write. Paul's message was not of his own accord...it was of Christ's.

For this reason, the Gospels are not to be received in a disjointed fashion, over and away-from Paul's letters as if they are something of another origin altogether. And the same goes for the rest of the New Testament. If you see the Gospels as "the commands and wishes of Jesus" and the epistles as "the commands and wishes of Paul"... you are sorely confused as to the identity, purpose and origin of the New Testament. To operate under such self-inflicted confusion will cause you to completely miss the intent and entirety of the Divine revelation of Christ. To make such a calculated (most times intentional) mistake is to only get half of the whole revelation.

The Bible as a whole is like a puzzle or a dot to dot picture. If you only complete half of the puzzle...if you only connect half of the dots...then try to pass off your incomplete picture as the finished product and final authority to what each puzzle piece and dot pointed to...you will never come to the knowledge, understanding or comprehension of what the entire picture was trying to paint and hereby convey. Your "complete" knowledge will be incomplete if you are satisfied with such an imperfect, spiritually-deficient, and fragmented form of defectiveness. Each piece of the Bible is another brush stroke toward the big picture it is trying to paint. As with a painting, the Bible is a picture that wishes to convey a message. But the only way its message can be fully understood, seen and comprehended is by seeing the finished product.

To see, understand and appreciate the finished product...each and EVERY brush stroke that individually brings us closer and closer to the completeness of the picture, must be meticulously analyzed AND accepted as an integral part of what makes the picture complete. To reject even ONE of the brushstrokes is to miss the broadness, fullness, extensiveness and integrity of what the whole picture wishes to convey.

Each individual book of the Bible and all that it teaches and conveys is a single brushstroke toward the revelation of the picture God intends to paint. To reject even one (let alone many) of these brushstrokes is to end up with a partial, distorted and incomplete portrait of what God wishes to paint on the canvas of our hearts.

People who push for "homosexual churches" have intentionally stopped short of God's complete portrait, so as to make it appear God approves of their sin. They have relied on such intentional stupidity in order for their doctrines to appear "Biblical". Truth is, they only want half of the picture anyway, because the whole picture of what the Bible paints goes flagrantly against the things the are twisting the other half to say.

And I'm sure all of the members of the "First Church of the Incestual-Cannibalistic-Genetically Modified-Beast Loving-Domestically Violent Food Addicts...of Christ" will now attack me over this article, right? Not to mention the thieves, drunkards and swindlers. Not a chance...why? Because unlike our homosexual apostates...the thieves, drunks and scammers aren't so bold (or anti-intellectual enough) to specifically start a church that is based on their sin.

When I think of sin and stupidity, I don't know which one I hate worse. Is there a sin of stupidity? (If there is, I think I've found it).

It is utter stupidity to try and make scripture line up with ANY sin...not just homosexuality. And when heretics like Rob Bell can't seem to twist, distort and maim scripture to make it line up with his distortions, what does he do? He just throws the whole thing out, discounting and disregarding the New Testament as an unimportant collection of "2,000 year old letters". But notice how the scriptures he just so happens to agree with remain "inspired of God" while the ones he disagrees with are thrown in the trash heap as "irrelevant refuse"?

This is what happens when people are satisfied with a lie.

This is what happens when unintelligent people try to pass off their ignorance as intelligence.

This is what happens when people call half of a picture a "complete" one.

This is what happens when the Bible is used as means to condone sin. And when this occurs, without fail, each and EVERY time...VAST portions of scripture MUST be thrown in the trash in order to make it appear the picture in which the Bible has painted is a "sin condoning one".

"Trail Mix Christians"...people who pick out what they like and toss what they don't.

This is most sinful. When Christ said He'd judge lawlessness and sin: He meant it (Matthew 7:23). Through the Apostle Paul and the other New Testament writers, He reiterated this promise all throughout the epistles. The epistles are no less the brushstroke of God than anything Christ said during His Olivet discourse.

When we try and twist His word to make it appear He won't have a judgment seat in regard to our sin, we are calling Jesus Christ a liar. All so we can remain in our besetting sin, as we lie to ourselves, sucking on the pacifier of self-deceit. Do we really think the mental/spiritual illness we cause when we twist His word to appear the way we want it to, changes ANYTHING by way of Truth? Just because we convince ourselves of something that isn't true, doesn't make it true. A believed lie is no less a lie.

Just because we are satisfied with a half-baked truth doesn't mean we are going to be judged by a half-baked truth.

The portion of the portrait that people reject is the same portion they will one day be judged by.

The very Truth people reject is the very same Truth that will one day judge them.

And what is Truth? Another word for Truth is "Reality". When you reject Truth, you are rejecting Reality. When you accept only a portion of the brushstrokes you are in denial in regard to the reality of what the brushstrokes have created.

The brushstrokes of scripture, each and every one, collectively working together, is what creates the finished portrait of reality and Truth.

We don't create it...IT creates US. We don't make it say what WE WANT it to say...IT makes US say what IT WANTS us to say. To believe this isn't so...is to expose yourself for having a spiritual-personality disorder of the soul.

When we make it appear (by trashing over half of the New Testament) that Christ is a condoner of sin, we in turn, make Christ a LOVER of sin. Which ironically, is exactly what the people who propagate such nonsense are...LOVERS OF SIN.

IDOLATRY: To fashion and form a god according to your own likes, dislikes and personal image.

Just because you're a lover of sin doesn't mean Christ is a lover of sin (see the whole picture).

Just because you think Christ lied in over half of His inspired Word doesn't mean He did (stop trashing vast portions of scripture).

Be not fooled: When you reject one portion of scripture over another, you reject ALL of scripture. When you reject ALL of scripture...you reject ALL of salvation. Scripture is a living, breathing force that must be accepted as whole in order to comprehend the vast message and picture it wishes to convey.

No, homosexuality shouldn't be singled out (in the Westborough Baptist way). But they are the ones doing it by constantly forcing it on our churches, politics and Jesuit run media.

And this was my response. I'm not singling out homosexuality. I'm singling out stupidity, idolatry and sin. I hope now, you understand what a logical-fallacy it indeed is, to say "homosexual churches/marriages are okay...because Jesus never said anything against it".

Oh, He said plenty against it...you have just rejected the places He did. You are just playing dumb, so you don't have to be faced with the full picture and reality of what is staring at you right in the face. Self-inflicted blindness will not be a valid excuse on judgment day.

We must accept and fully embrace each and every brushstroke of scripture, lest the whole of our view become a distorted, monstrosity of half-baked truths and error.

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