MYSTERY BABYLON- Catholicism: The Mother of Harlots

(Biblical and historical proof Roman Catholicism is the Whore of Babylon)

Yes, let it be said: We love Catholics. But we hate their Christ usurping gospel, which is truly "another gospel". We despise their ill-treatment of Christ's sacrifice. They make His precious blood a powerless, weak and common thing by the supposed shedding of His blood at every mass. The church isn't built upon the "unbroken succession" of Peter's lineage. This "Apostolic Succession" is a fabricated wives-tale. Let me explain:

They say that from Peter on, there's an unbroken chain of papal succession. That's absurd. The first person who was "actually" Pope was the sixth century. Then they had to go back and cherry-pick the people who could fill in the gaps dating all the way back to Peter. I wish I had time to give you the history of the papacy, it is one ugly story. Just remember, nobody was really an official Pope until 600.

And there were periods of time when there was no bishop in Rome at all...304 to 308, 638 to 640, 1085 and 86, 1241 to 43, 1269 to 71, 1292 to 1294, 1314 to 1316, 1415 to 1417 there weren't any. The papacy was bought and sold and bartered. It was invented. It was reinvented. It was was conveniently read into history. At some points there were as many as three who all called themselves Popes at the same time, fighting for power. Alexander VI bought the papacy as an illustration. Having purchased enough votes, the majority was attained when he voted for himself.

Let me say this, right at the outset, that the papacy is the biggest hoax ever foisted on the world...its simply THE biggest hoax ever. People who were fornicators and bribers and murderers and some who were good men, in a human sense, dot the landscape of this history and make it impossible to see in it the work of God or any apostolic succession. So the point I am making is this; there's no unbroken succession here...certainly there's no divine succession. If this is what the Catholic church relies upon..."unbroken apostolic succession"...then it's a "broken non-apostolic lie" that their church is built upon.

No, the church is built upon Christ...He is the rock..period. Who would want to argue with this? I'll tell you who: an idol worshiper who would rather a church be built upon a man as opposed to Christ Himself. One who wishes to see a god of flesh in place of Christ exposes himself as having his origins in man...not Christ.. How could the gates of Hell NOT prevail if His church was indeed built upon a man like you or I (or Peter as they say)? Yes, and look how the Catholic church has failed: From its idol ridden sanctuaries to it's sex scandalized priesthood that is deputized to "forgive" sin... to its bloodied, murderous history in which its drowning.

It seems to me the gates of hell have prevailed against the Catholic church. Which totally disqualifies it from being anything it says it is. No wonder the Catholic church has failed; it's indeed built upon flesh and blood.

No, we know the Church wasn't built on Peter. For it is through Peter we are told that we are in fact "All Priests" (1 Peter 2:9). Not just a select few invented-celibates who stand as a usurper of Christ and as a mediator between YOU enabling Christ to forgive your sins ONLY through his mediatorial duties and NOT through the perfect ONCE for ALL sacrifice of Christ. There is NO mediator between us and God...only Christ. No priest, pope or pastor will ever usurp the perfect sacrifice of Christ...they're only pretending they're God. And THIS is what makes them Antichrist. And THIS is why their foul doctrines of demons must be rejected.

Romanism is a gigantic system of Church worship,

sacrament worship,

Mary worship,

saint worship,

image worship,

relic worship,

priest worship

and Pope worship.

Catholicism is nothing more and nothing less than organized idolatry.

A man wearing a gold crown, triple decked with jewels worth millions?

A cardinal's garb that costs tens of thousands of dollars?

Peter said, "Silver and gold have I not." Paul said, "I coveted no man's gold, no man's silver, no man's clothing." But yet the Pope is surrounded by a dazzling display of arrogant over-indulgence.

This is theater... it is nothing more than theatrics to give the illusion of God, the illusion of transcendence, the illusion of spirituality. It is a mere distraction that is meant to appeal to the flesh so as to "dazzle" its adherents into thinking it is a part of the genuine work of God. It is a pompous display of wealth. It is a lavish indulgence of ridiculous buildings, ridiculous robes, ridiculous hats, ridiculous crowns and ridiculous thrones to cover and mask the sinful system it really is. Catholicism is likened unto the whitewashed tombs Jesus referred to...beautified on the outside...but full of stench ridden death on the inside.

There was never such a thing as a papal coronation before the tenth century. And in God's eyes, there still isn't. (That is, where the requirement or necessity of it via the scriptures are concerned). The only useful place for the Catholic church is for it to bring about the Antichrist who will usher in the New World Order that will directly precede the establishment of Christ's Millennial Reign. Beyond that, I can see no usefulness.

The Roman Church is certainly the Whore of Babylon...the Mother of Harlots as described in Revelation 17:1-5. Allow me to explain in great detail:

"Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and spoke with me, saying, “Come here, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters" Rev 17:1

Commentary on verse 1: Given the history of Catholicism and how it has whored the holy with the profane, it is clear that 'Harlot' here refers to the Apostate Roman church. A harlot does not have a husband. This indicates that God has never admitted having any relationship with the Catholic Church.

"With whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and those who dwell on the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication". Rev 17:2

Commentary on verse 2: What the Apostate Church commits is NOT adultery, like an unfaithful spouse. For she is not married to Christ as the spotless Bride. But rather, fornication (according to the context) is the sin of the Harlot. This is by far, more sinful than adultery. The fornication of the Apostate Church consists of her having sinned with the kings of the earth for monetary gain and profit (thus the label of prostitute). As a harlot commits sexual sin for gain in the natural...the Apostate Church commits SPIRITUAL sin in order to garner its gain. See how the Apostate Church is loved by the corrupt media and entertainment industry!

'Wine" here signifies the heretical doctrines that the Apostate Church has adapted down throughout the ages. These are the very doctrines that paved the way for her to fornicate with the kings of the earth. These heretical doctrines confound, blind, confuse, deceive, seduce, disable and stupefy (as wine does) ALL who become involved in her religion. Behold the many multitudes who have become seduced under her drunken stupor and can no longer decipher truth from error! This is the wine of her fornication...all who are made drunk by it are deemed incapacitated and inebriated in regard to the discernment of truth as they stumble to and fro, from one idolatrous doctrine and practice to the next...without even an inkling of conviction.

"The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations and of the unclean things of her immorality". Rev 17:4

Commentary on verse 4: Purple signifies 'dignity with authority' (John 19: 2-3) Jesus was indirectly clothed with purple directly preceding His crucifixion (as a mockery). The color purple is a mixture and mingling of blue and red; it signifies the mingling of heavenly things with earthly. The Apostate Roman Church has made such things its trademark. This is what it is best known for. Roman Catholicism is widely recognized (since the days of Constantine) for the mingling and mixing of paganism with Biblical things. Matthew 13:33 speaks of a 'woman' (notice the harlot is a woman) hiding leaven (which signifies sin) in three measures of flour (which signify the Kingdom of God. THIS is the Roman Church who hides blatantly sinful things in that which is pure. In most instances they hide the blatantly sinful in plain view and sight. All of the holidays, its garb, its décor, its obelisks, its idols (in which they call relics) its adornments, its statutes and its sanctuaries are riddled through and through with items directly bootlegged from openly pagan sources. The color purple signifies much more and means MUCH more than the mere fact that Catholicism's clergy is decked head to toe in it. Not to say this isn't important, because it is...but MUCH more profundity lies just below the surface of what is being signified and implied here. Purple signifies a mixing...a merging...and in Catholicism's case; a leavening. See how the Apostate Church is obsessed with mixing, merging and leavening itself with all of the religions of earth! Catholicism NEEDS the outer adornments to distract from its inner decay. You will note that all Biblical references to the garments and adornments of True Saints of Christ (even Christ Himself) are ALWAYS described as WHITE. Much more could be said here...

Gold, precious stones and pearls are the materials with which the New Jerusalem will be built (Revelation 18: 18-19, 21). But the woman here, the Apostate Church, is not built in a solid way with these precious things; she is only gilded with these treasures as ornaments for outward display. This is a deception intended to entice people from the fact she is counterfeiting the very significations of the things she is adorned with. It is the false appearance of the harlot that entices the flesh to fornicate and become drunk with her. (See how the world LOVES the Catholic church and see how the Catholic Church LOVES and wishes to unite with pagan religions).

GOLD: In figure, gold signifies the Divine nature of God. Hence, the golden cup here indicates that in outward (counterfeit) appearance the Apostate Church does have something of God. But mere 'indication' of something authentic (as with all counterfeits) doesn't always mean the item in question is of the authentic form and origin of that in which it is indicating. Therefore, the Bible says: within her golden cup is found the abominations and unclean things of her fornication. The cup is full of idolatry, pagan practices and satanic things...all mingled together in a spiritual looking mingling of the heretical with the divine. On the outside the Catholic Church appears to have the holy, divine things of God. The outward appearance of the golden chalice that's held up during their mass, is a mere distraction of the mingled and mixed leaven of sin that is contained on the inside. This is why Catholicism is likened unto the whitewashed tombs Jesus referred to...beautified on the outside...but full of stench ridden sin, death and unclean things on the inside.

"And on her forehead a name was written, a mystery, “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH". Revelation 17:5

Commentary on Rev 17:5: 'Mystery" here signifies a religious origin...a religious system of sorts. This would indicate that Babylon the Great is not the material Babylon in chapter 18...but the religious one. One who has found its origin and practices in the material one...but isn't necessarily confined by way of geography. A system that stems from the physical/material Babylon to the four corners of the earth is what is indicated here. THIS is Mystery Babylon...the Mother of Harlots...The Roman Catholic Church. A spiritual-religious system that finds its roots in a literal, material place...but then branches and stems forth, henceforth, not being limited to a geographical place. (Read "The Two Babylon's" by Alexander Hislop for further elaboration).

The Religious Babylon, the Apostate Church, is truly mysterious in what she is, in what she practices, and in what she teaches. Many marvel at her mystery!

As we have seen, 'The Mother of Harlots" is the Catholic Church. But who are the 'harlots' she has become the Mother of? If she is a mother, she must have daughters. Who are these daughters? Well, considering the current push Pope Francis is clamoring for, in order to unify Protestants with the mixture and mingling of their purple colored fornication...we must surmise, the daughters of the Apostate Church must be all of the individual Protestant churches, sects, leaders and denominations who are being (and will be) swallowed up into the deceit of this Apostate "Unity". Kenneth Copeland, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer are just a few of the leaders who have begun the liquidation of their ministries back to Rome. Not to mention the millions of other people in smaller churches that have begun the transition as well. The Word of Faith movement AS A WHOLE has sworn allegiance to the pope and has renounced the reformation of Luther. All of this will lead to papal worship and the taking of the Mark of the Beast...make no mistake about it. If you begin adhering to the leadership, teachings, practices and traditions of the Apostate Roman any are then a qualified candidate to become the "daughter of the harlot". Tread lightly and pray for continued discernment.

The "abominations of the earth" are idols (Deut 7:25-26) in which the Catholic Church is riddled through and through with.

"And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus. When I saw her, I wondered greatly". Revelation 17:6

Commentary on Rev 17:6: It is estimated, either by way of blatant murder, martyrdom or inquisition, that the Apostate Roman Church is responsible for over 75 million deaths. With all of the facts laid out in the above verses and commentary, what other organization on planet earth could the scriptures be referring to, other than that of the Roman Catholic Church? Couple these figures in with the emotional and spiritual deaths of those involved with her false religion and pedophile priests. Tell me, what other conclusions can we come to? It takes a mere thimble full of discernment to come to these conclusions. Even atheists come against the Apostate Church in regard to such things. People who don't know what differentiates a True Christian from Catholicism, ignorantly write off ALL of Christianity in regard to the mass atrocities committed under the rule and reign of the Roman Catholic Church. See how the name of Christ has been profaned due to the crippling heresy and crimes the Apostate Church has committed! See how Christ and His True Bride is written off as the Whore, all because people make the uneducated conclusion that Christianity and Catholicism are indeed one! Satan knows this...if he can't get you and I to mingle and mix with her sin and fornication...he will make it appear to outsiders that we already have. This is the gross misrepresentation of the ages!

The Mother of Harlots...the Apostate Roman Church...The Whore of Babylon...either by way of pedophile priests, murderous inquisitions or the martyring of the True witnesses of DRUNK and DRIPPING with the BLOOD of the Saints.

The True Saints of God, in whose blood has been shed down throughout the ages and in the days to come, are those who care NOTHING for the Apostate Roman Church. They are those who live a life separated unto God...over and AWAY from the mingling and mixing of the fornicating-harlot-church. They see no Biblical need, nor necessity, to be part of the Roman Church. Catholicism says that in order to be a part of the "official" church you must be a part of them...But the True Saints KNOW that the opposite is true! They are those who don't go in and share in her fornications, idolatries, heresies and traditions. Due to this life of separation, millions have been martyred. Every drop of blood shed has perpetuated and worsened the substance abuse problem of the Apostate Church. Roman Catholicism is addicted to a substance like an alcoholic is to strong drink...the object of Catholicism's substance abuse and addiction is that of the blood of the Saints of Christ. If too much times passes without it physically, spiritually, emotionally or sexually shedding goes into seizure-ridden withdrawals and goes on a spiritual prowl to quench its addiction like a back alley drunk.

BEHOLD THE PUSH FOR UNITY. This is merely another form to perpetuate its drunken addiction to feast upon the blood of the saints. BE NOT FOOLED.

And to think, Evangelicals are swooning over all that the Pope says and does. People such as this have already emotionally taken the Mark of the Beast. They have set their blood aside, sanctified it and set it apart as a feast set before a blood-addicted Apostate Church. The Apostate Church is Satan's system of Spiritual-Vampirism that seeks to inebriate itself on the life-blood of those who make up True Christianity.

The Roman Empire under Caesar NEVER died. The persecution under the Roman Empire NEVER died. The Catholic Church simply stepped in, took over, and filled the role. The infallible office of the Caesar has been transmitted to the succession of the Popes. As in the days of Luther, Tyndale, Jon Huss, John Wycliffe, Desiderius Erasmus, Ulrich Zwingli and John Knox...persecution is well underway and is gaining momentous traction. The tactics may have changed but the intent remains the same: To shed the blood of the saints and exterminate Christianity ALL in the name of Christ. The Mother of Harlots is also the Mother of Counterfeit Christianity. See how she's decked with gold!

Persecution is coming...but so is Christ. PLEASE don't be fooled by the false flag unity this current pope is wielding. In reference to the Whore of Babylon the scriptures tell us to "Come out of her My People" (Revelation 18:4). Yet so many are going in. Pray for these people!

The above commentary is merely 4 verses that have lead me to believe the Roman Catholic Church is the very entity the scriptures point to as being "The Whore of Babylon". So many other verses attest to this as well. History itself stands as a witness to this observation. I hope this article has shed some light on why Catholicism is referred to the way it is, by this ministry. We are NOT anti-Catholic....we're Pro-Truth. If being Pro-Truth makes us appear to be be it. But that is not our intent. Our intent is to allow Truth to lead us where it will...even to the uncomfortable realization that Roman Catholicism is the Mother of Harlots mentioned in Revelation 17:1-5- I wish these things weren't true...but they are. Therefore I must follow Christ into all truth...even the atrocious truths that make more enemies then they do friends.

"Have I become your enemy because I tell you the Truth?" (Galatians 4:16) I hope not...but if I be it. Writing articles such as this brings me no pleasure. It has caused a ridiculous amount of persecution, harassment and abuse over the last year. If I were in this for the popularity, you wouldn't be reading this right now. I am in this for the Truth. And the Lord has called me to share the things He shows me with you all. That is the sum total of this ministry.

To friends and enemies alike: My wish is that you'd be led into all truth. May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Pray that you be led not into temptation.


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