If You Fall Away...Does it Prove You Were Never Saved?

There is a teaching running rampant in the church today that says if you fall away, it proves you were never saved in the first place. It declares that it's impossible for a genuine Christian to EVER return to sin. And if he does, it proves he was never a part of the faith to begin with. Really? If this is the case, what's the purpose and intent of the numerous scriptures that encourage endurance and abstinence from sin? If it's impossible to fully return to sin, why are we to guard ourselves against it? Mind you, these warnings were written to the SAVED...those in the church. Not the unsaved in the world. If it's impossible for a genuine Christian to apostatize from the faith, why does Paul declare that in the last days, people would depart from the faith? In order to depart from something, you must first be a part of that something. Wouldn't these scriptures be pointless and utterly unneeded if it were impossible to choose sin over faith? Would they not be redundant?

Jesus said, "He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life." (Rev. 3:5) Here are a list of other verses that consist of warnings in regard to remaining in the faith: Acts 11:23; 14:21-22,. Rom. 2:6-7; 1 Cor. 15:1-2, 58; 16:13; Gal. 5: 1; 6:9; Eph. 6.13, 18; Phil. 1:27; 4: 1; Col. 1:22, 23; 2:7; 1 Thess. 3:8; 5:21; 2 Thess. 2:15; 3:13; 2 Tim. 1:12-14; Tit. 1-9; Heb. 2:1; 3:5-6; 4:14; 6:11-12, 15; 10:23, 35-36; 12:1-15; Jas. 1: 12; 5: 1-11; 2 Pet. 3:17; Rev. 2:7, 10-11, 17, 25-28; 3:11-12, 21; 21:7-8).

Can a Christian lose his joy (Galatians 4:15)? Yes! Can a Christian consider an apostle his enemy (Galatians 4:16)? Yes! Can a Christian put himself under the law (Galatians 4:21), fall away from the grace-way-of-life and become alienated from Christ (Galatians 5:4)? Yes! Is it possible for a Christian to abuse his freedom in Christ to "indulge the sinful nature (Galatians 5:13)? Yes, if it were not possible, there would be no point in warning them not to do something they could "never do". Christian's can "destroy" each other by their biting and devouring of each other (5:15). Christian's are capable of either expressing the fruits of either the flesh or the Spirit. The works of the flesh are warned against (Galatians 5:21). If a Christian persists in them, they will not inherit the kingdom (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). So...if there is no possibility of living like this after you're saved...if living like this after salvation isn't even an option (and it proves you as "false")...why warn against it?

Oh but the Calvinist exclaims: "Only a false convert will fall away"! If that is so, scripture must have been written to false converts with the sole intent of preventing them from falling away... from their "false conversion". Does this make sense?

If you're truly saved you'll never fall away?

If you fall away it proves you were false?


Oh, we are definitely dealing with something that's false...and that is the falsehood of this presupposition.

If there is no possibility of a genuine believer falling away...why does scripture warn us against it? If it's only possible for a false convert to fall away, tell me: what is it they're "falling away" from? How do you fall away, backslide or apostatise from an already fallen state? Is this what the warnings in scripture are working to prevent us from...from falling away from a false conversion? From backsliding from an already backslidden state? If so, God has proven Himself to be obsessively preoccupied and hell bent on seeing to it, that false converts are NEVER delivered from their state of delusion that has caused them to believe they are genuine...when indeed they're not. Is THIS the intent of scripture: to encourage false converts to remain in a faith they aren't even a part of? Has God hoodwinked us? Is He toying with us by playing mind games like we're ants in an ant farm? Is God some sort of cosmic bully who enjoys watching His children self destruct in a salvation that's actually hell?

This is a prime example of the double talk of reformed theology. It's a prime example of forcing the round peg of Calvinism in the square hole of Biblical Truth.

It just doesn't fit people.

First and foremost: get this through your head: EVERY epistle and all four Gospels were written to the CHURCH for their instruction unto godliness and how to conduct oneself as child of God. Scripture wasn't written to the false convert so he could be instructed to NEVER depart from what he was never a part of to begin with. Satan is the author of confusion... not God. See the confusing light the monkey wrench of Calvinism sheds upon the scriptures!

(For clarification, it should be noted, that I am neither a Calvinist (obviously) or an Arminian. I am merely a student of the Bible who is seeking Truth. Whomever the Truth proves right OR wrong makes no difference to me. When you're a lover and seeker of Truth it matters not who it proves wrong. When you're a lover of the Truth, being proven wrong is most welcome. I used to be a staunch Calvinist...but then Truth came along and proved me wrong. I used to be a staunch Arminian...but then Truth came along and proved me wrong. So now, I'm just a Disciple of Christ who is perpetually seeking Truth and is more than open to the idea of being wrong. Why? Because I want the Truth!)

If it's impossible to fall away from the faith, what's the purpose of the aforementioned verses? If it's completely and utterly impossible for a genuine believer to allow sin to reign in their mortal body: why are we admonished to resist against it? If it's impossible to sow to the flesh...why are we told NOT to?

Why should we try to overcome trials and temptations if yielding to these things prove you were never saved in the first place?

In following this line of "logic" we are left to conclude that because an apple falls from a tree...it proves it was never an apple. This is mind numbingly ridiculous! If it were never an apple on a tree, it can NEVER be a rotting apple on the ground. So it goes with the Christian Life. The conduct of a Christian becoming that of rotten fruit, in no way proves he was "never fruit to begin with". Withering on the vine and falling off can NEVER prove you were never on the vine to begin with. In fact, it proves the opposite! Falling off of the vine, doesn't prove you were never there...it proves you WERE there but are there no longer.

Assurance of salvation cannot guard against the blatant disobedience that leads to apostasy. That is, free will to turn your back on God is always an option (a bad one at that, but it's clearly still an option). The entirety of 2 Peter and Jude were written with regard to people who once lived a genuine life in Christ...yet they apostatized . Paul warned Timothy concerning apostasy “in the latter times.” These "latter times" were a snapshot of how those in the church, would be living in the time that directly proceeded the return of Christ.

Many at that time would “depart [‘apostatize’] from the faith, giving
heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.” That is, Christians
would cease to listen to those proclaiming the truth, the doctrine of God; and, instead, they would listen to those proclaiming that which was false — Truth which had been twisted, perverted — here it is called: the doctrine of demons (I Tim. 4:1, 2).

For those of you who think it's impossible for someone who is genuinely saved to turn their back on God, what do you do with the words “falling away,” “depart,” and “departing"? If you were NEVER a part of it...how can you depart FROM it? The words "falling away"----"depart" and "departing" are translations of either the Greek noun apostasia or the verb aphistemi (the verb form of apostasia), meaning “apostasy.”

The English word “apostasy” is actually a transliterated form of the Greek word apostasia, a compound word formed from apo and stasis. Apo means “from,” and stasis means “to stand,” or “standing.” When used together, forming the word apostasia, the meaning is “standing away from.” This “standing away from” pertains to a position previously occupied and refers more specifically (drawing from contexts where the word is used) to a standing away from “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (cf. I Tim. 4:1; Jude 3).

So take heed...it seems the self righteous view of being "too holy" to depart is taken to task when scrutinized under the light of scripture. This also flies in the face of the "once saved always saved" position. It seems MANY things are subject to change when seen in light of flagrant disregard for the Truth, sin and demonically driven disobedience which leads to apostasy. This is why we are encouraged to lay aside every weight and sin that so easily entangles us. This is why we must be found in intimate union with Him, casting aside every sin that clings so closely, as we run with endurance the race that has been set before us; thus, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Hebrews 12:1-2-

In regard to apostasy in 1 Timothy 4:1-2: Paul couldn't have been speaking of unbelievers or false converts. For the word 'apostasy' literally means to turn away and stand opposed to a once held position. Apostasy can not be referring to 'false converts'. If this were the case, another word would've been used altogether. You cannot fall away from something you never were a part of in the first place. To say a true beliver cannot fail is a failure in and of itself. This thinking and mindset has caused many genuine believers to fall under the unbearable weight of immense guilt through thinking because they have failed, they were never saved to begin with. This guilt has kept many from thinking repentance will do them any good. Why? Because after being harassed by people who've said they weren't saved; they feel their genuineness was disingenuous hogwash. A lot of them KNOW how genuine they truly were (before sin entangled them away from the faith). So if that level of genuineness is nothing more than "false conversion" they are left feeling hopeless.

If a true believer cannot fail, repentance is unnecessary and the blood of Christ is superfluous...right along with all of the warnings we have in scripture to remain obedient. If a true believer cannot be consumed in disobedience, why all of the scriptures to remain obedient?

This is like saying it's impossible to fall through thin ice...but just in case, never, ever EVER walk on it. Does falling through the ice prove you were never on the ice? No! It proves you left the "safe zone" of the thick ice and proceeded to walk where the signs told you not to: on the thin ice. When you insist on ignoring the warning signs and you fall through, no one in their right mind would say "falling through has proven you were never on the ice". But yet, this is what we're expected to believe from piously minded "doctors of divinity" who are trying to force a theological system in order to make the Bible say what they wish it to say. Why? Because Calvinism's entire house of cards crumbles if they don't force it as such. So, instead of admitting error and tweaking their doctrine to fit the Bible, they perpetuate error by tweaking the Bible to fit their doctrine. The result? People are downtrodden in an error ridden system that stagnates people, either in self righteousness, or a hopeless abandonment in their sin.


To say because someone stumbles, proves they were "never genuine in the first place" is genuinely illogical and defies all common sense and rational thought (and scripture). Only a person who is consumed by their own "goodness" can believe and adhere to such a self-righteous ideology.

Again: if fruit falls from the vine and withers away...does this prove it was NEVER fruit in the first place? No, quite the opposite...it proves it WAS fruit. How else could it be ROTTEN fruit if it weren't at one time VIBRANTLY LIVING fruit?

When Paul charged the Corinthian brother to repent in 1 Corinthians 3-5; Did he say "You must repent because your fornication proves you were never a believer in the first place? No. The VERY reason Paul called for his repentance was because he WAS a believer and was storing up wrath for himself on the day of judgment if he persistently trudged along in unrepentant disobedience.

Furthermore, Paul makes it very clear that the church isn't to judge outsiders (the world) but we are to judge those within the church (1 Corinthians 5:12). So if the Corinthian brother proved himself to be an unbeliever in the world (by the fact he fell); Paul was a flagrant hypocrite for even passing judgment on him. Yes, it's clear SOMETHING can be lost EVEN for those who are genuinely saved (if we remain in unrepentant disobedience). And just because someone CAN be lost or HAS been lost after being found, doesn't prove the person was lost all along. You cannot RETURN to vomit if at one time you weren't delivered from it (2 Peter 2:22) ALL of the warnings in the epistles are directed at believers...NOT the world. Reason being? Because it is quite possible for a person to turn their back on God and return to what they were once delivered from or to reject God altogether.

Did Nathan "unsaint" David when he confronted him with his adultery? Did Nathan say: "David, because you have sinned...you have proven you were never the anointed King of Israel". No! Why did David need to repent? Because he WAS the anointed King of Israel and was bringing shame upon his God AND his God appointed position (thus THE reason he needed to repent). 2 Samuel 12:1-13---- So long as he didn't repent he was storing up wrath against himself and profaning the name of God. But see how many in the church today are kept from repentance because of self-righteous people who imply their sin proves they were never saved. If Nathan did this to David...he would've disqualified himself from being a prophet. He would've been rejected by God as a false prophet.

Falling away from the faith doesn't prove you were never a part of it...it proves you WERE part of it...but are no longer. Therefore, repentance is desperately needed if you wish to get back on the path of salvation, sanctification and conformity unto the likeness and image of Christ.

Many people have been falsely judged as being a "false convert" because they failed to heed the warnings of scripture. Now mind you, there is such a thing as a tare or "false convert". People such as this are ones who have NEVER experienced conformity unto Christ since they day they were "saved" but still remain associated with church related activities. They say they are saved because they "prayed a little prayer". But they have NEVER, not even for a day, exhibited ANY fruit of conformity unto the image and likeness of Christ. THIS is a false convert.

Many people today are being held back from returning to Christ through repentance. Why? Because self-righteous people are telling them their disobedience has proven they were never saved to begin with. Then, these self righteous Pharisees begin to wax eloquent about how they're probably not "one of the predestined elect" anyhow (yes, because they have a corner on God and know beyond a shadow of a doubt, who will be saved and who won't). As if this isn't enough, they elaborate by saying: "The reason you've had such a struggle with sin is because you were never saved. And because you were never saved; you have fallen away".


ALL sin is the gravitational pull toward getting YOU to fall away and turn your back on God.

Show me a person who has "no struggle with sin" and I'll show you a person who is up to their eyeballs in the sin of a self-attaining reprobation and deception that regards itself as having no sin. 1 John 1:8) To say, you have no sin and can never fall...IS the sin in which you have already fallen! People such as this have fallen while judging those...who have fallen. What self-righteousness!

To be of the mind and opinion that flippantly brushes someone aside as "unsaved" and never destined for salvation in the first place (because they have fallen away): is to presuppose you have NEVER fallen away...not even for a second, minute, day or month...let alone a year. What kind of person can believe this? In God's eyes and where sin, repentance and forgiveness is concerned: it takes the same measure of the blood of Christ to cover a 10 minute sin that you privately commit 100 times a year, as it does a 10 year sin you commit openly. Only a self righteous person who believes the blood is ONLY for his sin, can say otherwise.

If it is true, that if you're saved you'll never fall away: what is the Biblical statute of limitations on falling away? A day? A week? A month? Six months? At what point is the camels back broken? How much straw can the camel bear? Unless you believe you are absolutely sinless, when is the grace of God cut off point initiated? Tell me, what's the Biblical standard? At what point does mere "dabbling in sin" become "falling away"? A day? A month? A year? Or, do you believe you can go on sinning (because you are of the elect) so that the grace of God may increase? No, it's apparent (unless they believe they are sinless) these people believe God will cover THEIR sin...but not anyone else's.

Does it not EVER dawn on a person such as this, to SELF APPLY scripture when he himself, is found in the thick of sin and rebellion AFTER "they" have believed? No, because they don't believe they are capable of falling away. They are far too busy applying what they should be applying to themselves, to everyone else. And all the while, becoming obsessed with labeling people "false converts". They are preoccupied with everyone else's sin except their own. Why? Because apparently (as one of the elect), the sin they have (if they admit they have any) cannot EVER lead "them" to falling away. Yes, their sin must be of "the holy class" since it's not capable of fully leading them away from God. Perhaps it's time these people looked in the mirror. Will the REAL false convert please stand up?

This belief (that someone's falling away is proof THEY were never saved) can cause YOU (yes, you) to begin questioning YOUR salvation as well. Because when the absence of holy works in your life can no longer be ignored, let alone denied, by those closest to you...when your spouse can no longer turn a blind eye to your grossly erroneous sin...you will be left with a spiritual crisis of sorts. This will cause you to begin focusing on the absence of Holy works in your life (just as you used to do with others). This will cause you to fall into the trap of having this ideology come back to bite you (yes, you) in the rear. It's one thing to say "If you're truly saved you'll never fall away" in reference to SOMEONE ELSE. But what happens when that SOMEONE ELSE becomes YOU? What happens when YOU fall away into the pit trap of sin and begin to disengage in fellowship and Biblical things? What happens when it's the OTHER GUY that's pointing a finger at YOU declaring "He probably wasn't saved in the first place; otherwise he wouldn't have proven himself false by falling away". Pride comes before the fall my friend.

When the chickens come home to roost and you find yourself up to your eyeballs in the sins you used to only see in others...when those closest to you, know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are up to your eyeballs in the sin that you used to say "proves you are not saved"...YOU have a decision to make. You are left with a paradigm shift: Are you saved by grace in and through continued repentance? Or are you saved by the delusion of a sinless perfection that REFUSES to let you fall? By getting a taste of your own medicine, you will be left wallowing in the hopeless abandon you used to pridefully and self righteously apply to others. You will know what it feels like to be left in a state where it feels as if repentance is useless. You will begin lamenting in Calvinistic thoughts like:

"Because I have been exposed in gross sin and have fallen away, I'm probably not one of the elect and God hates me as He did Esau".

"I'm probably not predestined to be saved in the first place...so I may as well give up".

The result? You'll break out into cold sweats because you believe failure proves the absence of salvation (rather than exposing your great need for Christ's Blood). And since you have "proven" you were never saved, repentance is of no avail, because you now believe you were never predestined to begin with and God will mock your repentance. Yes, to such a one as this; salvation is by a predestined ability to NEVER fail...not faith. Because everyone knows: "If you're truly saved you'll never fall away".

What's happening here? A focus on WORKS and sinless perfection is what's happening...rather than a focus on grace by and through repentance. If this isn't a salvation by works, I don't know what is.

If you have a desire to repent and turn from your sin...don't ever let ANYONE convince you that God won't accept your repentance and confession of sin by and through the blood of His precious Son.

If someone truly believes THE proof of salvation is holy works that can NEVER cease... what happens when those holy works DO cease? You can only apply this exclusively to others for so long. Eventually, it'll catch up with you. With some, I suppose it doesn't. Because some people are so blinded by their own perfection that they actually believe they are sinless. At best, they believe they haven't sinned "too bad" (at least not as bad as others).

To answer my own question: What happens when holy works cease? YOU RUN TO CHRIST AND REPENT and ask Him to cleanse you of your iniquity. You don't say you were NEVER saved. This is a preoccupation with your own righteousness and NOT Christ's.

This doctrine isn't a blatant teaching of the Bible. It's what people try and make the Bible say, to fit the round peg of their doctrinal proclivities in the square hole of Biblical Truth.

Sin doesn't prove you were never saved...it merely proves you are in desperate need of the blood of Christ through bitter repentance. It means, like David, you were anointed...and if you want to continue to BE anointed...you MUST repent. Otherwise, you end up an apostate like King Saul. Saul was anointed too (just like David). Do you want to know the difference between these two? One repented and one didn't. One became an apostate and another is in paradise today.

One who claims they are saved and has exhibited an overhaul of life and living but unfortunately falls away for a time...is most assuredly a prodigal son or daughter who MUST return home if they are to be restored to the riches of what they left behind in their Father's House.

When you turn your back on the Father...you ALWAYS leave something behind. And when you REFUSE to return to the Father; don't expect Him to force those riches upon you. God is no rapist. Repent and return, oh child of God. Ignore the self righteous Pharisees who say you cannot. They are using your failure to make themselves feel better about sin in their own lives. You know, the 'sin' they say they don't have?

When you turn your back on the Father it doesn't prove you never knew the Father. It proves you have gone awol and have abandoned the Father. Leaving the Father doesn't prove you never knew the Father. You cannot leave something you never knew. You MUST return to the Father through the blood of the Son. He will NEVER deny forgiveness in exchange for repentance...no matter how long you've been wallowing in the mire. A day? A month? A year? Ten years? It doesn't matter. So long as the day is called TODAY and you have breath in your lungs...you CAN boldly enter into the throne room of grace and reclaim your inheritance.

Personally, I don't live in fear of losing my salvation. If it weren't for assurance, where would the courage and motivation be found to live our everyday lives? Salvation is the flame that provides the smoke of holiness in our daily lives. If it weren't for the fire (salvation) none of us would have the outflow and billowing forth of holiness. Where there is smoke (holiness) there is fire (salvation). Saying you must confess and repent of your sins after you're saved isn't a salvation by works...it's just how salvation works. If you have a problem with it, take it up with God. He's the one who designed it as such.

I used to be a terrible backslider. In hindsight, most of it could've been prevented if I didn't have this nagging ideology in the back of my mind that said: "You're probably not saved anyway...if you were, you wouldn't have such struggles". Little did I know, I had struggles not because I WASN'T saved...but because I WAS. Before I was saved, I had no struggle with sin...I just freely gave into it without ANY guilt or sorrow whatsoever. But thereafter, if I sinned, I found myself in a state of great and immense sorrow. The sorrow is there to lead you to repentance. (see the sorrow Nathan brought to David). The sorrow is NOT there to prove you are NOT saved. During those times that I found myself in sin, I'd be crippled, not only under the guilt of the sin committed...but under a heavy shroud of insecurity that SCREAMED: "God won't accept your repentance anyhow, you wicked vile, reprobate". The result? I'd be catapulted into a deeper rabbit hole of sin JUST from the immense weight of thinking God will reject my repentance. As if the weight of the sin wasn't enough...I carried the weight of the possibility that no matter how much I desired to serve God...He'd reject me anyway. Because everyone knows...if I was truly saved...I wouldn't have fallen away. When in fact, I was most assuredly saved...which is why I NEEDED to desperately repent of my falling away. This rabbit hole of condemnation and utter despair gave birth to a multitude of other sins that drove me further and further from the salvation (I thought I never had in the first place).

Because I felt there was no hope of repentance (through believing my sin had proven me false and un-predestined) I gave myself fully and immeasurably to sin. I said: "Let me eat, drink and be merry in my sin...for tomorrow I go to hell. My mindset was this: "I may as well enjoy sin all I want since God has rejected me and sin has proven me false". Little did I know, it was a group of false prophets (who call themselves theologians) who had rejected me. But little did I know, it wasn't God who abandoned me in my sin: it was the theologian. Even though I believed I was never born of God...God knew better. He stepped in and delivered me from my sin (regardless to what the theologians said). I believe He HAD to intervene, considering it was by and through a false teaching that I had fully given myself to sin. And I'm not blaming my sin on them. Believe me, since coming out from under this teaching, I have had plenty of sin that I've had to take responsibility, wage war and repent for. Personally, I take responsibility for the sin I committed even when I thought salvation and serving God wasn't in the cards for me. Yes, a theologian caused the atmosphere and climate for this belief to germinate and grow... but they didn't have a gun to my head. Satan merely took advantage of a false doctrine and used it unto his own advantage.

I see so many under this deluding influence as well. Their hearts desire is to serve God...but the Bible appears to be one giant proof text listing all of the reasons they can't. THIS is the heart and core of why I have written this article. I hope God uses it to rescue others who are under this deluding teaching that seeks to deprive one of being restored unto God through repentance.

If we are to serve God, we must be placed in a position in which we can. The belief that falling away proves you were never saved to begin with, all out deprives and robs us of this position. So long as it appears we have been "Biblically" robbed of the position...we will be "Biblically" robbed of the ability as well. Repentance is this ability. Not some convoluted delusion of sinless perfectionism that not a single man has EVER achieved. The only living organism that has ever had a pulse, who has NEVER fallen away (at any length) is Jesus Christ. The adherents of this teaching have merely renamed "falling away" a "problem" or a "mistake". Therefore, in their mind...they have never fallen away...nor will they ever. They'll just continue to make "mistakes" and have "problems"...but they will never "fall away". Self fullfing false prophets... the whole lot of them.

Remember Nathan: He would've been a false prophet if he told David he had no hope because of his sin with Bathsheba. The only way David would've had no hope is if he'd of rejected the hope he had through repentance.

There is a major portion of Christendom today that is riddled with the teaching of well meaning (Calvinistic) false prophets who are telling God's people they have been "unsainted" and proven to be false because they have fallen away. What they imply is that it's pointless and utterly hopeless to repent because they were never in Christ anyhow. Many of these foul minded teachers love to wax eloquent about "the hatred of God" and how He is most glorified when people go to hell. Sickening!

Ironically, some of my favorite teachers are the ones who instigate such things (Paul Washer, John Piper, R.C Sproul). Yes, some of my favorite teachers are false prophets. So it goes without saying, I take no pleasure in calling these men out. The Lord truly uses them in other areas. But the fact of the matter is, Satan is using them as well. My bookshelf is strewn about with these men's books. They are well intentioned, they believe they are teaching the Truth...but they're not in this instance. When I bring this to people's attention (who also like these teachers) I am met with nothing but attack, slander and the implication that I'm not even saved (no big surprise there). Remember: Truth appears to be deception when deception has become your Truth. Be very careful what it is you are rejecting as deception. For it very well may be the Truth.

We must wake up...no matter how much we like the teachers we have heaped to our itching ears.

When you allow false prophets (who make it appear God won't accept your repentance because you have fallen) to prevent you from repentance...you WILL be unsainted and you WILL be rejected of God (right along with those who have propagated this false teaching). Satan has his hand in this cookie jar, make no mistake about it. False prophets who are heralded as theologians and "doctors of divinity" are the ones who have taught you this...not the Bible!

In reference to my own past struggles in regard to this teaching: I didn't learn this from the Bible. I learned this from people who had 'explained' the Bible 'to me'. In times past when I began to stifle and wither on the vine...I don't believe I lost my salvation (especially considering MOST of my sin had been increased and perpetuated, by and through the deep-seeded insecurity this false teaching produced). But know this: there is a cut off line where disobedience is converted into apostasy. I don't know where the cut off line is...but every willful act of disobedience carries you further toward it. God attempted to work with King Saul for quite some time. But, he refused to repent of his wicked disobedience and God was forced to strip him of his anointed kingship and give it to another. (You can't be stripped of something you never had). Like David, God's dealing with Saul's disobedience didn't prove he was never anointed. It proved he WAS. If he wasn't anointed of God, there would've been no issue between him and God in the first place. BUT...because Saul remained in his disobedience...he WAS stripped of his anointing. This is a proper type and figure of the genuine Christian experience.

When we're found in sin, we MUST repent of it immediately! There is such a thing as a seared over conscience and reprobate mind. This condition leaves a person in a state where they can no longer feel any guilt or sorrow for sin committed. We are assured of salvation through a life of many struggles. If not for assurance, most folks would be afraid to breathe or even get out of bed (unless you believe you CANNOT fail or have no sin). Salvation isn't about living in fear of losing something you never worked for in the first place. Salvation is about knowing you have an unlimited supply of grace by and through repentance. Therefore, we must boldly enter the throne room of grace and claim what is ours.

Yes, we are assured of salvation. But one thing's for sure; you just simply cannot get around all of the warnings we have in scripture for BELIEVERS to repent and turn from their sin. If falling away proves you were never saved...the warnings in scripture are redundant and exist to show NO ONE is saved. We all have sin. ALL sin is equal in God's eyes.

Whether our disobedience is for a minute, month, year or decade...it requires the same level of deep repentance to be restored unto God.

Whether you fall away for a minute, month, year or decade...it requires the same level of deep repentance to restore you unto God.

Whether you fall away for a minute, month, year or decade...we HAVE ALL fallen away. Therefore, if falling away proves you aren't saved...NONE OF US ARE SAVED.

We all have had differing levels and lengths of falling away. To say someone has proven themselves as "unsaved" because they have fallen away for a year, as opposed to your "private" month long romp (4 times a year) is the height and epitome of self-righteous Phariseeism. I would love to see the internet browser history of the people who propagate this heinous false doctrine.

A world renowned and highly respected Calvinistic leader who has taught this doctrine for decades has just recently confessed he had an Ashley Madison account. Ashley Madison is a website where people go to specifically commit adultery. It's not just a dating site...its specifically designated for adultery. Does this qualify as "falling away"? If it doesn't, I don't know what does. Does this mean he was never saved? I don't think so and I certainly hope he doesn't believe this either. It simply means he fell away into sexual sin. But I do hope he was afflicted with the crippling effects and insecurities of the falsehood he and his father have been placing on others for decades. For revenge? No, for repentance. Repentance from teaching falsehood. And for him to experience first hand what this false teaching does to genuine converts.

Every sin you are tempted to commit is there for the very purpose of getting you to fall away FULLY and PERMANENTLY.

Every sin you commit is utilized of the enemy to place you one step closer to absolute apostasy and departure from the faith.

There is a falling away that is the ULTIMATE one. This is the falling away Paul speaks of in 1 Timothy 4:1. The Holy Spirit says the vast majority of the church of the final age will be in a fallen state of apostasy (to say that he was right, is an understatement). BEWARE: EVERY individua sin serves as the propellent that drives you closer to this. THIS is its intent. REPENT and turn away.

Considering it is sin that propels us closer to apostasy, it is no stretch of the imagination to say Satan is insurmountably using those who teach "if you fall, you were never saved". Why do I say this? Because this teaching causes people to reject a God, whom they feel, has already rejected them. The result? Through hopeless despair, they're solidified in sin. They are encouraged to remain there by concluding they have NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO REMAIN THERE.

Woe unto him who causes a child of God to sin...for it would be better if a millstone were fastened around his neck and he be cast in the ocean. Matthew 18:6

Do the people who propagate this false doctrine not realize they are encouraging sin JUST as much as Joel Osteen and Rob Bell...only from a different motivation, doctrinal-bend and angle? This may not be their intention...but nevertheless...it's the result.

May they repent of their falling away. Yes, even they haven't fallen so far where repentance is no avail.


A few proof texts cannot in ANY way disprove the entire testimony and panoramic view of scripture. Citing verses such as 1 John 2:18-19 where it says "they went out from us because they were not of us" proves NOTHING. Especially considering the context of this verse is speaking of Antichrists...NOT Christians OR even false converts who merely left the church and went back to the wiles and mire of sin. Citing a verse where "Antichrists" are clearly referred to as people who were never genuinely "of us" in no way proves if someone falls away they were never saved. 1 John 2:18-19 is speaking of Antichrists...of course they were not "of us". Why would an Antichrist who denied Christ's coming in the flesh be counted among the genuine church? They wouldn't! To make this verse a broadbrush statement against people who admit they have had a struggle with sin...is to ignore the context and make it say whatever you wish. In order for this verse to mean; "if you fall away you were never saved" you must force it as such. You MUST ignore the context and pull a bait and switch while replacing the word "antichrist's" with "false converts". And unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what has been done to beat genuine converts over the head with Satanic condemnation. The result? Through the medium of false prophets, people are encouraged to remain in their sin JUST as much as an adherent to the false gospel of "love".

The endurance of the Christian Life and the warnings in scripture, are not there so we can fight against losing something we're not so sure we even have. What kind of a cheap trick would this be if this were so? God would be a cruel sadomasochist who laughs at our despair if this were so.

Failing to finish a race doesn't prove you were never in the race...it proves you fell in the midst of the race. So long as you remain in your fallen state, you will deny yourself of the prize if you don't get back up and finish the race through repentance. Philippians 3:12

My hope is the Lord will use this article to call people who are truly His, back home. A theologian doesn't decide who belongs to God and who doesn't. Through denying you repentance (because you were never saved), certain theologians are seeking to thwart your salvation (whether they knows it or not). This may not be their conscious intention, but nevertheless; it's the end result. Satan is using well meaning people to stagnate people in apostasy. Through the repentance of their very own heart, may the Lord forgive these "doctors of divinity" who have proven themselves to be "doctors of division" unto the stagnation of sin. Yes, even these theologians, who have drifted so far, have not proven they were never saved. They have merely proven they are dead wrong and MUST repent. Otherwise, the blood of many are on their hands.

If you fall away... it proves just that: that you've fallen away, JUST like Paul said MANY would do in the last days (which includes the so called theologians who are so blinded by their own righteousness that they can no longer even see the fallen nature of their own heart).

If you have fallen away it means you are no longer engaging in what you once did.

If you have fallen away it doesn't prove you were never genuine...it proves you're no longer genuine but once were.

If you have fallen away, repent, pick up your cross and get back on the narrow way. Otherwise, you will not inherit the kingdom of God.

May these "theologians" repent as well. For the very things they have waxed eloquently over, as ONLY belonging to an elite class... will soon be stripped of them if they don't.


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