If believing, adhering and staunchly sticking to the Truth as it's revealed in the Bible makes you...

Anti-Jehovah's Witness
Anti-Kenneth Copeland
Anti-Joel Osteen
Anti-Rick Warren
Anti-Joyce Meyer
Anti-Rob Bell
Anti-Oprah Heresy
Anti-Health-Wealth/Name It Claim it
Anti-Emergent Church
Anti-Gay Marriage
Anti- Scientism
Anti-Genetic Modification (food, animals AND humans).
Anti-Institutional Church
Anti-Pagan Holiday
Anti-New World Order
Anti-One World Religion
Anti-One World Government
Anti-Unity (in regard to merging with Catholicism and world religions)
Anti-Counterfeit Christianity...SO BE IT.

We're not so much 'against' something as we are for something. Being for the Truth will spontaneously pit you up against a plethora of different things. The light of Christ, which comes through the Spirit, will lead you into all Truth. To be lead into all Truth, one will naturally and organically be lead AWAY from what isn't the Truth.

Christ's light automatically emphasizes not only what Truth IS...but also what it isn't.

Following in the footsteps of righteousness have a positive and a negative side. The positive leads you into the light...the negative leads you away from the darkness. The more light you have, the more the darkness will be expelled and driven away. When light comes it magnifies what was found in the darkness exposing its qualities for what it really is. It is here, this magnification draws a stark dichotomized-contrast by placing a line in the sand. When you stand on the side of Christ and the Truth of what He reveals...you will automatically be put in a position of being "Anti-Whatever It Is The Light Has Revealed".

Remember: We are for the Truth LONG BEFORE we are Anti-Anything. Being for the Truth instinctively places you in a position of being against whatever it is that is not found within the bounds of Truth. Living such a life devoted to Truth, will win no popularity contests. This is what makes the modern apostate gospel such an abomination. What the Truth wishes to lead it away from...IT IS. What the light of Christ wishes to expose...IT EMBRACES.

Truth will make you Anti-Something...be sure of that. And with this comes the necessity, price-tag and PROMISE of persecution. "All who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted". 2 Timothy 3:12

According to how you live, if your Christianity isn't causing you persecution...if your Christianity isn't a stark contrast or line in the sand in comparison to the "palatable gospel" of our day...you are involved in a counterfeit.

Being Pro-Light will automatically make you Anti-Darkness...there is no way around this. In light of the mass apostasy that is upon us, it is spiritually impossible for someone who authentically bears the name of Christ NOT to suffer persecution.

We are in the midst of the apostasy that the Apostle Paul spoke of in in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Who can deny this? This is why I find it highly unlikely, if not completely impossible, for a genuine believer to never suffer persecution. And who are we most persecuted and labeled "Anti__________" from? The modern, mainstream-apostatized Church. Do you now see why THEY are loved by the world and are never persecuted? THEY are the counterfeit and WE are the Anti-Counterfeit. The world loves them because they ARE THE WORLD. THIS is what makes them a counterfeit.

The ones involved in counterfeit Christianity who are living their "Best Life Now" needn't worry about persecution...THEY are the persecution. They will be the first ones in line to take the Mark of the Beast and persecute those who refuse. They've already mentally and doctrinally taken it----the physical reality and fulfillment is waiting in the wings to catch up with what they've already accepted. The Mark of the Beast will only make official what has been true all along. The Mark is just Satan's stamp of approval on what he has already succeeded in getting the majority to accept.

Those who refuse to stand for Truth now, will be the ones who are swept away by the coming of the One World Religion/The New World Order. Refusing to stand for Truth, immediately makes you Anti-Truth. Being Anti-Truth NOW will make you Pro-Anti-Christ THEN.

Soon it will be "Christian" VS Christian. AKA: The Antichrist's version of Christianity VS authentic Christianity. We are now dealing with the first buds of the crops of the coming Antichrist. Soon, these green buds will bring forth a climactic harvest from the very pits of hell itself. This is why things are progressively worsening with each passing day...soon the train will run clean off the tracks.

The closer we get to the revealing of the Anti-Christ...the more Anti-Something the Truth will make you become. This illuminating light from the Spirit that hovers upon the vastly dark waters, may very well make you "Anti-Your Physical Life". Yes, your Christianity and stance for the Truth, in light of the worsening apostasy and persecution, could very well spell out your martyrdom...your physical execution as an enemy of the state...YOU being labeled a "spiritual plague" amongst the mainstream church. Are you prepared to offer this level of devotion if this is where the light of Truth leads you? Are you prepared to be ostracized and killed as a heretic?

If you are refusing to suffer for any of the things that will soon cause the execution of all who are devoted to Christ...you have already mentally taken the Mark of the Beast. If you are a coward in the midst of very little persecution at all...you will be even more of a coward when the full-blown persecution comes.

If right now, this very second, you refuse to suffer railing accusation and verbal persecution from being labeled "one of those Christians" who are Jesus freaks and fanatics...you don't stand a chance when the real persecution comes upon us. The persecution and loss one suffers NOW is merely a type and figure of what will soon come. He who refuses to suffer the minor persecution NOW will NEVER allow himself to suffer the major persecution THEN. Thus enter the Mark of the Beast.

Who's mark do you bear?

Here, now and in the near future; how Pro-Truth you are, will be spelled out by how "Anti-Them" this modern counterfeit labels you.

How desperate are you for the Truth? To what lengths are you willing to go to gain it? To what lengths are you willing to go so you don't lose it?

Come quickly Lord Jesus.

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